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Area of Australia

  1. 14.1 million square meters. km
  2. 7,7 million square meters. km
  3. 17.8 million square meters. km
Answer: b

Extreme north point of Australia is

  1. York City
  2. Byron town
  3. Stipe c. Point
Answer: a

Australia is the highest peak

  1. g. Kosciuszko
  2. g. Cotopaxi
  3. g Kilimanjaro
Answer: a

Which statement is wrong?

  1. Australia - driest continent
  2. Australia - the largest island
  3. Australia - the smallest continent
Answer: b

As a temporary streams called in Australia?

  1. Creek
  2. Wadi
  3. Oases
Answer: a

Which statement is wrong?

  1. Most lakes in Australia are salted and endorheic
  2. Australia has significant reserves of underground water
  3. Australia is well provided with water
Answer: c

Great Dividing Range - is:

  1. Coral peculiar formation on the sea
  2. mountain range in eastern Australia
  3. Go hard crystalline rocks on the margin
Answer: b

Of the listed endemic animals of Australia are:

  1. Koala and ostrich emu
  2. Penguin and Crocodile
  3. Lama and sloth
Answer: a

Which statement is wrong?

  1. Among the many endemic animals of Australia
  2. Air masses moving from the Pacific Ocean, bringing significant precipitation in central Australia
  3. On the continent is one country - Australia
Answer: b

Most of the population of Australia:

  1. descendants of immigrants from Europe
  2. Australian Aborigines
  3. descendants of immigrants from South and Southeast Asia
Answer: a

Which statement is correct?

  1. Australia - a country with a population density
  2. In Avstrali high level of urbanization
  3. The largest city in Australia is Canberra
Answer: b

The group of countries which Australia belongs to the level of development?

  1. In developing countries
  2. The countries with economies in transition
  3. In highly developed countries
Answer: c