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The relief of the Ukrainian land (compendium)

friendly life flat nature of the Ukrainian land (95% - Plain Mountains - 5%) have long attracted people. Most of the country - is part of the East, where the lowlands - Woodland, Dnieper and the Black Sea (with a flat surface and an average height of less than 200 m) - alternate with hills - Volhynia, Podolsk and the Dnieper - the Right Bank Dnieper and Azov and Donetsk - east Left Bank (uneven surface, dismembered gullies and ravines and ridge 200-500 m). At 70% lowland, upland - 25% of Ukraine. The lowest point of the plain (-5 m below sea level) - in the Odessa region near the estuary Kuyalnik; highest mountain - Byrd (515 m) - on Khotyn Hills in Precarpathians. The average height of the plain part is 175 m above sea level.

Mountains in Ukraine is part of the great Alpine-Himalayan mountain belt. In the Carpathians account for around 4%, Crimean mountains - about 1% of the state. Mountainous terrain is quite smooth, without rocky peaks and glaciers, with wide river valleys, and only occasionally encountered steep gorges.

Goverla (2061 m) - the highest point of Ukraine - is on the massif of Ukrainian Carpathians. The highest point of the Crimean Mountains, which occupy the farthest south of the Crimean peninsula is Mount Roman-Kosh (1545).