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Placement of the population (compendium)

population of Ukraine is 46 372.7 thousand people (01.01.2008). By this measure, our state ranks sixth in Europe after Russia, Germany, Great Britain, Italy and France.

average density of population of Ukraine - 77 inhabitants per 1 km 2, but it is placed unevenly. Since population distribution maps shows that the most general density - in the industrialized Donetsk region and adjacent regions, and in Galicia, Bukovina and Transcarpathia. The smallest - in the Chernigov region, and in Polesie and the plains. The highest density is the rural population in western regions due to historical factors - these lands were inhabited and mastered much earlier than the south and east of Ukraine.

Population dynamics of population in Ukraine reflects the impact of the Cossack era of permanent war (with Poland, Turkey, Russia), the hard times of the Soviet era (1917-20 he was the liberation struggle, famine years 1920-22, 1932-33 ., mass repression 1937-38 biennium, the Second World War, post-war devastation). To some extent the number of people affected by the Soviet government stimulated the outflow of population to the eastern regions of the USSR in the 1953-54 biennium and the Chernobyl tragedy in 1986.

demographic crisis, the conditions which have developed since Soviet times, to fully manifest itself in 1993-1994 and although, thanks to the improved economic situation and the implementation of government measures to stimulate the birth rate, negative demographic trends reduced slightly, However, depopulation and aging population in the state continues.

lasting demographic crisis caused the reduction of Ukraine's population especially in rural areas, also now in the country not five, and four major cities (once in Donetsk million people now live 988 thousands of people)

Donetsk, Kharkiv, Luhansk, Dnipropetrovsk region is the most urbanized in Ukraine. It is in this region is concentrated the largest number of state industrial enterprises. This is because in the postwar years, it is in these areas was directed main flow of people from other Soviet republics and regions of Ukraine on rebuilding the country's economy.

predominance of women in Ukraine of the population because more men engaged in fields of economy, associated with increased risk of injury and death. In addition, it is a man is the foundation of any army, therefore, the biggest loss of a war falls on them.