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Birth rate, natural growth, and mortality. Migrations (compendium)

To determine the demographic policy in the regions important is the consideration of trends in changes and population, as well as looking at factors that affect the demographic processes, including fertility and mortality, shlyubnist, reproducibility of population migration.

Dynamics natural population growth shows some slowdown the process of depopulation in the regions of the state, draws mixed demographic crisis in the regions of Ukraine for natural growth factor, which in all regions except the Transcarpathian region is negative. The reasons for this - the poor economic situation, complication of the environmental situation (especially - after the accident), changing the mentality of women (many of them focusing on his own career, no hurry to wind up children).

components of natural population growth is the birth rate and death rate. From card Fertility Population shows that the rate (per 1000 inhabitants) has a general tendency to increase from east to west, due to certain traditions of marriage and family, generic to the population of different regions of Ukraine. In particular, large families are more common for Ukraine's western regions (especially rural).

mortality indicators , the inverse trend. Increase them from west to east and north due to the fact that the East is concentrated the largest number of industrial enterprises, a stop which provided the most painful economic crisis hit the inhabitants of these regions. Besides the ecological situation is very tense, together with the general aging population also significantly affect mortality.

From 1991 to 2006 in the Ukraine natural population growth changed from -297.7 to 39.1 thousand million people a year. This happened because a significant reduction in fertility, mortality and growth.

should be noted that in recent years some economic improvement, and leadership introduced measures to stimulate fertility rates positively affected the natural movement of population. Depopulation slowed and in some areas by increasing the birth rate for the first time in 10 years, natural growth rates become positive values. However, population declines in Ukraine continues.

Improving life will not only halt the process of depopulation, but also reduce the outflow of people abroad, because migration processes in Ukraine strengthens the process of reducing the population. Interregional migration affect their balance in the region and interstate - the total population in Ukraine. In 2006 in most regions there was a positive balance of international migration, the bulk of which were migrants from CIS countries. In interregional migration largest migration gain was observed in Kyiv, Kharkiv, Sevastopol. The biggest negative indicators fell in Lugansk, Kirovograd region.

Interstate migration in 2006 (people)


including CIS


44 227

33 972


29 982

21 270


14 245

12 702