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Fuel industry (compendium)

Fuel industry combines production, which engaged in production and processing of mineral fuels.

heat of combustion of different fuels varies. Have the highest calorific value oil and gas. But the fuel value depends not only on its calorific value, but also on the capabilities of its use: the cost of production, transportation and more. Because oil and gas can be considered the most economical energy (production and transportation pipelines are relatively cheap). But Ukraine subsoil few of these resources. In 2006, oil and gas in the Dnieper-Donets, Black sea-Crimean and Carpathian hydrocarbon region is 4.6 million tons of oil and 21.1 billion m3 to gas, only 15-20% cover the needs of the state. The rest of Ukraine imports from Russia (oil and gas) and Turkmenistan (gas). However, our country has oil-prospective areas in the Black Sea and in deep layers of the Carpathian region in the future development of which significantly weaken the state's energy dependence on Russia.

powerful oil-refining industry of Ukraine, represented factories in Lisichansk, Kremenchug, Drohobych Nadvornaya, Kherson, Odessa, provides not only the needs of the state in gasoline and diesel fuel, but also allows for export of light petroleum products.

leading place among the ranks fuels coal reserves are concentrated in the Donbass and the Lviv-Volyn Basin and lignite Dnieper basin. Donetsk coal has a high cost due to the impressive depth and a small thickness. Brown coal is mined mainly Dnieper basin less expensive open (career) way, but it also has much less calorific value. Coal Lviv-Volyn basin small, so are mainly regional importance. In all the country's total production of fuel coal share is almost 70%.

peatbogs focused on Polisskiy Lowland, and because of its low calorie content are used more as a chemical raw material and fertilizer than as fuel.

fuel dependence problem for any country is important. For this country, the issue is particularly painful given the economic structure and great industrial potential. Solving it is conducted in several areas: diversification of energy supplies, search and develop new domestic deposits, the introduction of energy saving technologies. At the same time, the formation of a modern transport infrastructure (pipelines, oil terminals in the ports, tanker fleet) in combination with advantageous geographical position will give Ukraine the opportunity to not only improve their own maintenance with fuel, but also increase revenues for transporting raw materials to other countries.