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Power (compendium)

Power is part of the fuel and energy complex (FEC) and plays an important role in the economy of Ukraine. The components of power is power, teploenerhotsentrali, Electricity Industry.

lion's share of electricity produced at nuclear and thermal power plants (by 47% in 2006). Hydroelectric production capacity is provided less than 7% of Ukrainian electricity.

TPP run on different fuels (coal, gas, fuel oil, etc.), so naturally is the thermal accommodation (which produce heat) near the raw material bases and consumers. Working the thermal environment is severely polluted, because their concentration near large urban agglomerations is a serious problem. On the other hand, the distance from the consumers of energy plants creates problems of its more expensive due to transportation costs.

educated in Ukraine is a nuclear power. Total capacity of Ukrainian nuclear power plants increased significantly after the commissioning of two new units at the Rivne and Khmelnitsky power stations. Sector requires significant resources for reconstruction and safe operation. Although normally functioning nuclear pollution is much less than TPP, it's nuclear plants are a source of increased danger. Yes, some states after the accident abandoned nuclear power in general. In addition, nuclear spent fuel should zahoronyuvaty in special circumstances, which in Ukraine. Because disposal is carried out in Russia, that our country pays heavily.

greatest on the Dnieper hydroelectric power station built, but the energy of the largest rivers of Ukraine are already fully involved, because hydropower development in Ukraine has great potential. In addition, construction of hydroelectric dam construction needs, which form the reservoir, changing the regime of rivers and flood large areas. It was recently launched to put in order first pumped-storage station Tashlytska. This station is built on a modest energy resources in the Southern Bug River, so it works on a cyclic schedule. At night, when not working most of the industrial consumers of electricity in the water reservoir of the station dialed. At the time of maximum peak loads on grid accumulated water is discharged at night and turn the turbines produced electricity to meet the needs of industry.

more and more popular in Ukraine acquire solar, wind, geothermal plant, but so far their portion of the energy is insignificant.

general, Ukraine is both exporter and importer of electricity with a slight surplus. Map enables trace lines for electricity. The biggest domestic consumers of electricity are industry (65%), transport and agriculture (10%), construction. So, naturally, that the largest power generating capacity concentrated in the industrialized regions of the country.

environmental pollution, problems with transportation of electricity and shortages of fuel stations to encourage the search for alternative sources of energy.