🚚 🚁 Збираємо на пікап та ремонт дрона аутел

⛑ 🛡 🥾 Шоломи, форма, взуття

Dear friends! (textbook)

Dear friends!


In This year you continue to study the geography of their homeland - Ukraine. What is it in many countries circle that currently exist in the world? At stake is the world we  immediately striking a familiar path that defines the spaces of our state. Proud to recognize the native blue-yellow banner among the variety of flags. Joyfully mother tongue picks up words among riznoholossya world.

In 8 class, studying the physical geography of the Ukraine, you have learned about the peculiarities of the relief and mineral resources, climate and the natural world, of natural resources and environmental challenges our land. In 9 grade in the course "Economic and social geography of Ukraine are expect familiarity with the economy of our country, the population inhabiting its space and which is the greatest wealth of Ukraine.

How us? Who are we? What are we? How hospodaryuyemo? How to relax? How to use property, entrusted by nature and ancestors? Transmitting the seed?

Let step by step, page after page of a textbook on Geography of Ukraine will help you find answers to these questions and understand that we have much to be proud of, is over something to work, and, most importantly, what we are.