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§ 23. Building materials industry (textbook)



§ 23. Building materials industry


1.     What are minerals belonging to the building materials?

2.     Where they are common in Ukraine?

Sectoral STAFF. Building materials industry includes industry and manufacturing, that produce various building materials. For his Development They use mineral resources (limestone, gypsum, clay, sand, stones and etc..) waste from industries (Ash etc.). Production natural resources is carried throughout Ukraine, because all the regions for building rich minerals.

When placing a business area primarily considered rawwine and the consumer factors as the construction materials usedDock construction in large quantities. Since natural

raw materials and consumer is everywhere, the industry and construction enterprisesmaterials located throughout.


Fig. Building materials industry


Building materials industry manufactures binders, wall and onkrivelni materials, construction glass, tiles and others.


Fig. Ukraine is well provided with raw materials for the construction industry


Among binders dominated by lime and cement. Lime-yousmoke in those areas where raw materials (chalk, limestone) - most on the tail, in the Crimea, Donbass, Dnipro region'ї. Cement Industry developed in different regions of Ukraine, its enterprise oriented to place on raw materials (Mayorgel, limestone). This is one of the most important industries, producing binding materials. By Ukraine cement output in the early 90's XXArt. occupied leading places among European countries. Top companies placed in Amvrosiyivtsi (Donetsk region) Миrange (Lviv) Zdolbunov(Rivne region), Kamenetz-Podolsky (GAIN) Dnepropetrovsk, Dneprodzproficiency, Krivoy Rog, Kramatorsk.

Production wall materials to the end user. Bricks produce everywhere and prefabricated concrete construction - in cities or near them. Major production centers precast reinforWell - Kyiv, Krivoy Rog, Dnepropetrovsk, Mariupol, Zaporozhye. Hallzobetonni designs for bridges and road construction are madetoll in Kiev Vinnitsa, Zhitomir, Lviv, Reinforced concrete towers for transmission lines transfers - in Ternopil, Svitlovodsk White ChurchReinforced concrete for dredging production - in Kakhovka, Novomoskovsk.

In Ukraine, output is lightweight fillers - ceramiczytu and termozytu. They are produced in Odessa, Lviv, ZhytomyrGeorgia was, Kiev, and Kharkov regions.

Facing Materials distinguish natural (marble, granite, labradorite, Threpashnyk) and pieces (tiles, tile, etc.).. Natural marials produced in most areas within Ukrainian Shield, and Transcarpathia. They usedDock for facing buildings and monuments in within Ukraine and abroad. Tiles are made in Kharkov, Slavicku, Lviv.

Roofing materials (Slate, tile) produced the mosttoll in the Donetsk and near areas window and technicalnot glassin Donetsk region, Kyiv, Lviv.

In the building materials industry sometimes include productionglass inter-state agreement, crystal and porcelain-earthenware products, impressedhovuyuchy common resource base (Sand, clay, kaolin). Industry developmentvyvayetsya throughout Ukraine, focusing on the consumer. Nyehigher centers of the glass and porcelain and faience MSRPDU - Kyiv, Kharkiv, Polonnoe(GAIN) Ternopil, Bershad (Ternopil) Korosten Baranovka (Zhitomir) Kostopil (Rivne region), Lviv, Stry, Borispol.

In Ukraine, widespread and pottery - ceramic Viruture by hand. Most of it is developed in Volhynia and Podolia where is the raw material base for this crafts (clay, kaolin, sand, Paulvyy spar). Original ceramics produce havaretski gonChara (black pottery) from Lviv region and opishnyanskiMaster (Poltava region).



Industry building materials industry and includes production, that made various building materials (binders, wall and in-krivelni materials building glass, tiles, etc.).

Ukraine has a different nature raw materials for construction industry development materials.

Companies construction materials are located throughout the country.


Questions and tasks.

1. For Which sectors of construction industry in Ukraine has its own raw materials?

2. Which industries are building materials developed in Ukraine. What are their main centers.

3. Please principles placement companies that produce construction materials.