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§ 36. Integration of Ukraine's economy vsvitovu (textbook)

§ 36. Integration of Ukraine у сVitove economy

1.     What countries - Ukraine's neighbors are in Europe Union? CIS?

2.     What opportunities have Ukraine in joining the pan-European economic relations, due to its geographical location?


PARTICIPATION UKRAINE IN INTERNATIONAL ORGANIZATIONS. Becoming a member of the international eventsLu labor, Ukraine seeks to take it a worthy place to develop with other countries mutually partnerships and greater integration into the world economy. One of the main tasks foreign economic activityNosta the country is entering into global and regional monetary and financialance and trade and economic organizations. Ukraine at the beginning of its independent existence has become a member Betweennational Monetary Fund, World Bank, European Bank reconstruction and Development, the World Trade Organization (WTO). The entry of our country in the WTO was long and complex process, which halmuvavsya nerozvynudough market mechanisms of the Ukrainian economy. During this time held negotiations with other WTO members and adopted a number of government regulations and laws aimed at harmonizing the rules of Ukrainian foreign trade in the world. In 2008 Ukraine finally became a WTO member. Participation in this organization makes equality can beit partner in the global markets of goods and services. Currently, WTO members are more than 150 countries, within its framework is more than 95% of all world trade. Among neighboring countries of Ukraine are members of WTO Poland Slovakia, Hungary, Romania and Moldova. Russia and Belarus is also seeking to enter into this organization.

INTERSTATE Regional economic cooperation.

Interstate trade and economic enterprises in the regions created to strengthen ties between their foreign participantszations. It likely due to the removal of customs barriers to movement of goods and services, creating free trade zones etc..

Promising directions of regional economic Co-tion Ukraine is an eastern (former USSR), Southern (country Black Sea region) and western (Central and Western Europe).

After the Soviet collapse all former Soviet republics except EsTony, Latvia and Lithuania formed Commonwealth Independent States (CIS). In the framework of the country tried to recover lost and establish new economic ties, but the fundamentally new, equitable, basis. From this purpose in 1993 number of states signed the agreement Economic Union of CIS countries, according to which proposed formation of a single Economic Area, where interstate relationschildren built on market principles. However, due to numerous contradictions in the economic interests of different CIS creating such a space halted.

Some countries in the former Soviet Union together in smaller regional groupings, such as Eurasian Economic union (EurAsEC) - customs union of five countries: Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan). GUAM - The organization, which are Georgia, Ukraine, Azerbaijan and MoldovaOfficially established in 2001 Economic and scientific and technical cooperation between countries which was created for this group, does not have the proper level. One of the prospective tasks GUAM is Collaborative actions for creation Eurasian transport corridor, including for perekachution of oil from the Caspian region in the country Europe.

Ukraine has also become one of the initiators of Organizations Black Economic Cooperation (BSEC), its origintals 11 countries Black Sea and surrounding regions (Russia Georgia, BelieveI, Turkey, Greece, Bulgaria, Romania, Moldova et al.). Will makeyetsya joint bank BSEC countries, but still significant projects regional cooperation within this organization was not.

Extremely important for Ukraine is Western (European) direction of foreign economic activity. Here is the mostmore developed interstate integration groupings of the world - European Union (EU), which integrates 27 countries in Western and Central Europe. Its members recently joined the former SBtsialistychni countries that have made most progress in market reforming, including Ukraine's neighbors (Poland Hungary, SlovakiaSlovakia, Romania) And the Baltic countries.

Ukraine is interested in enhancing relations with the EU and in the introduction to it, however - it remote in time perspective. Ukraine is currently co-working with the EU based on Special arrangements for partnershipsnerstvo and free trade.

INTERSTATE Border. Significant spread in Europe gets border cooperaQuantity. The EU countries have acquired extensive experience in forming the so-called European regions- Relatively small areas where administrative actively interactinspecting and territorial units of two or three adjacent countries. Central and eastern Europe, including Ukraine is also seeking to use the benefits neighbor position to close Relations between population and economic objects of the border area. Some regions and districts Ukraine involved in Euro-regions "Carpathian"(With administrative-territorial units of Poland, Hungary, Romania and Slovakia) "Bug"(With Belarusian and Polish territories), "Lower Danube"And"Upper Prut" (Along with surrounding areas Moldova and Romania),Sloboda"And"Dnipro" (With border-them in Russia, in the latter - as Belarus). Together with border regions of Russia also developed projects European regionsYaroslavna”, “Donbass”, “Meotyda" (In the latter, which should cover the coast and the Azov Sea interested to participate as Greece). However, actionity indicated European regionsfocused primarily on developing projects of cooperation, rather than on their implementation.

Thus, the national economy of Ukraine does not involved in regional economic cooperation. Externally-shnoekonomichna activity Ukraine based on the bilateral betweengovernment agreements and treaties signed by both the neighbors, and with more distant countries.





For the active cooperation in the world economy countries included in the global and regional monetary and financialance and trade and economic organizations. Ukraine is a member betweennational currency Fund, the World Bank, European Bank Reconstruction and Development, the World Trade Organization.

Promising areas of regional economic cooperationtion is the eastern Ukraine (the country former Soviet Union), Southern (country Black Sea) and western (countries Central and Western Europe). Ukraine is a member organization of the CIS, GUAM, BSEC, in the long term aims to become a member.


Questions and Tasks

1. In What are the difficulties of integrating Ukraine into the global economy economyeconomy of?

2. To which international economic organizations include Ukraine and how purpose?

3. What are the prospects for cross-border cooperation of Ukraine?