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§ 40. Northeast Economic Region (textbook)

§ 40. Northeast Economic Region

1.     Within which natural areas and historic land is the territory of Sumy, Poltava and Kharkiv regions?

2.     What natural resources this area is famous for?


Northeast Economic Region consists of three administrative regions (Sumy, Kharkiv, Poltava) and is one of the largest in its area and average in population among regions of Ukraine.


Fig. Limits North-East Economic Region


Prerequisite for development. The main prerequisites for the development of this region are:

·   convenient economic and geographical position, determined with the developed neighborhood Donetsk, Pridneprovskoy metropolitan areas and industrial and agricultural region of Russia;

·   flat terrain, favorable agro-climatic resources, high level land and water resources, some kinds of minerals - oil, natural gas (Yefremivskyi, Shebelinske, Zahidnohrestyschenskegas fields), Iron ores (Kremenchug region), Building materials;

·   even of settlements in the territory, the presence of large cities, including City-million Kharkov, Concentration it significant scientific and technological potential.

AGRICULTURE. Northeast region has Industrial and agricultural specialization, the main industries - engineering, chemicals and food processing, diversified agriculture.

Engineering District most powerful in Ukraine. Kharkivis the largest domestic engineering center. They produce turbines for power, motors, transformers, tractors, bicycles, airplanes. Electrical engineering also developed in Poltava.

Issue trucks and cars in focus Kremenchuk, Agricultural machinery developed in Kharkov, Okhtyrka. Machine concentrated in Kharkov, Lubnah, Gluhove, and electronic equipment - Kharkiv Lubnah, Sumy, Poltava, Izium.

Chemical Industry represented by the production of phosphate fertilizers in Sumac, Chemical Reactivesin ShostkaAnd pharmaceutical products in Kharkiv and Lubnah. Power District are oiland gas production, oil refining in Kremenchuk, TES network (most of them - Zmeevskaya) And Kremenchug GES.

Food industry is developing on local raw materials. Its main areas - sugar, oil, milk and meat - have a broad geography.

The largest centers of light industry Kharkov, Romney, Sumy, Poltava. They produce textiles, haberdashery, sewing, jerseys, perfumes.

Agriculture Industry specializes in grain, sugar beets, sunflower, cattle predominate in cattle, pigs and poultry.

Most domestic traffic carried by road in the area, and External - Rail. The biggest railway junctions - Kharkov, Lozova Konotop, Poltava. In River transport is involved in port Kremenchukon the Dnieper.

Through area is crossed by a series of pipelines from Russia (including pipeline from Samara to Kremenchug) and a dense network of local pipelines oil hazopromysliv and to consumers.


Fig. 50 thousand tons of oil annually pumps DAT "Prydniprovski trunk Oil "


INDUSTRIAL CENTERS & Sightseeing. The largest cities of the Northeast District is a regional center Kharkiv, Poltava and AmountsAnd alsoKremenchug. Kharkiv - Historical capital Slobozhanshchina - a time was the political capital of Soviet Ukraine. Currently, he claims called industrial capital Ukraine in general and engineering in particular.  However, this is one of the largest research and educational centers in the country.

Historical and cultural centers of the region, but regional cities is Putivl, deaf, Romney.Township Oposhnoein Poltava region long known for ceramic industry (opishnyanskaceramics), And Krolevecin Sumy - artistic weaving (Krolevets Towels).



Northeast region - a powerful industrial and agricultural district with a high level of mechanical engineering, a solid scientific and technological base.

Questions and Tasks

1. Describe prerequisites for development Northeastern District.

2. What industry will determine the economic specialization Northeastern? What factors have caused it?

3. Why Manchester sometimes called "Second capital" of Ukraine?

4. What cultural and historical points of interest is in the North-East economic region?