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Central Botanical Gardens them. M. Grishko (compendium)

Central Botanical Garden. NBS was was established in 1935. In prewar years, there were collected a large collection of plants, but during the Nazi occupation of the plants were destroyed, and the garden has suffered considerable damage. Renaissance Botanical Garden began after the liberation of Kyiv in 1944, and to visit it was discovered only in 1964.

today by 132 acres of gardens unique collection of 12 thousand species, forms and varieties of plants from all over the world. Every spring thousands of visitors are attracted here in Ukraine, the largest collection of lilacs. In greenhouses garden presents a unique collection of tropical and subtropical plants, among which one of the largest - collection of orchids. In 1980, orchids from the collections of the Botanical Garden first traveled in space aboard the orbital station Salyut ».

At the botanical garden created and geographical areas Carpathian Mountains, steppes of Ukraine, Polesie, Crimea, Caucasus, Altai and Western Siberia, Central Asia, Far East .

in the botanical garden made research on acclimatization of plants, protection of genetic resources and plant breeding. Also here are working on gardening and landscaping industry, residential areas, houses and great conservation, public education on environmental philosophy of man.