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Museum of Folk Architecture and Life (compendium)

Museum of Folk Architecture and Life of Ukraine works since 1976 In a picturesque area between the former village Pirogov and Goloseevsky wood outdoor donated over three hundred buildings transported from all over the country. These buildings - houses, mills, barns, barns hamazeyi, stables, barn - offer a snapshot of life of Ukrainian peasants stations - two hundred years ago. The most valuable exhibits are Qurnah house of Volyn (16 cent.) Hut with Cherkassy, Shevchenko uncle built, wooden churches (XVII - XVIII centuries.) Church school in Cherkassy (XIX century)..

the museum is divided into zones that represent the ethnographic regions of Ukraine. This Middle Dnieper , Poltava and Sloboda , Polesie , skirts , Carpathians . A separate group of items forming mills. The department "Modern Village" collected samples farmhouses 1960-70's.