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Industry (compendium)

Kyiv is one of the largest industrial centers in Ukraine. In our city produces more than 5% of industrial output state. At the 400 largest companies issued capital of various products. The leading industries among Kyiv is Engineering and Metal , Energy , Chemicals , food and Medical industry , and industry construction materials .

Engineering Kyiv submitted by enterprises whose products are known far beyond our state. Thus, the plant Aviant » produced aircraft of An, among them - the largest in the world AN-225 AN-124 Ruslan, and An-70. It also produced modern trolley for the needs of Kyiv and other cities. Plant «Lenin forge» produces a variety of ships for the fishing industry, research, prospecting, harbor tugs, etc.. Commodities Ateca are excavators, road equipment, and machinery and equipment for agriculture. Engineering products also manufactured at the factory "Bolshevik", "Lighthouse", "ElectronMash", "Art».

Many in Kiev enterprises manufacturing consumer goods. Yes, Borschagovsky pharmaceutical factory and the company Darnitsa provide consumers medicines and medical preparations, bakery, meat-packing plants, dairies, confectioneries supply the shops food. And such companies as "Kyianka» , «Chestnut» , «Dan» , offers buyers modern clothing and shoes.

Kyiv - the city that is developing dynamically. So here building potential is formed, which consists of the construction companies and enterprises that produce building materials and construction. The pace of construction in Kiev, Ukraine's highest, and this is a clear indication of high rates of total urban.

Enterprises Kyiv maintain links with nearly 150 countries, enabling to make the active exchange of goods, services, technologies, and to actively attract foreign investment.

whole life for each city or state has important state industry. It is through sustainable businesses not only receive salaries of these plants and factories, but also formed local and state budgets. Since then paid them salaries, pensions and public sector (medicine, education, army, police, science), funded by various social programs.