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Power (compendium)

today can not imagine life without electricity. Every day we use appliances that make our lives more interesting and comfortable. Thus, much of the electricity consumed by the population. Most of it is used in industry and transport. Energy needs of our city satisfying the TPS, TPP and HPP.

power plants, burning coal, gas, fuel oil, turn heat into electricity. Cogeneration, except electricity, give consumers and provide hot water of central heating systems.

Thermal power plants emit a large amount of harmful substances. Therefore, placing them near the settlements is a serious problem.

hydraulic power plant using energy from water which rotates turbines that generate electricity. Although the HPP does not pollute the environment, as the thermal, but their building is accompanied by the construction of reservoirs, which often flooded fertile land.

electric energy delivered to consumers via power lines. However, during the transport of its inevitable loss. Therefore, power generation facilities, usually built near users (cities, large industrial enterprises).