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Transport and communications (compendium)

Economic Development in Kyiv and location on the crossroads of all types of communications (rail, water, air, road) make the capital of Ukraine's largest transportation center.

pass through Kyiv line of railways of Ukraine, and the city is powerful rail junction. Location of Kyiv on the Dnipro River, which flows into the Black Sea, promotes the development of water transport here, which largely provides not only internal but also interstate transportation. Powerful airports Kiev (Kyiv, Boryspil) contains the value added air gate of Ukraine. There are representations of the world's leading airlines.

Kyiv - big city, so it needs to provide transportation intricate network of urban passenger transport. Traffic carried by underground, bus, trolleybus, tram, taxi and cable car. Leadership of the passenger traffic is underground, bus and taxi. Trams operate in our town of 1892, and in recent years this type of transport being replaced by others. Go to the original forms of transport is a cable car, which was built in 1905 . With the cable car is communication between the skirts and the upper city.

Today in Kyiv streets you can see a large number of modern domestic and imported vehicles: buses LAZ, MAZ, Volvo, Scania, Bogdan , trolley Kyiv, UMZ, MAZ, tram Skoda etc. . Increased car park of the city - today in the capital over 500 thousand registered vehicles. A growing traffic and increasing number of vehicles forced city authorities to carry out the reconstruction of roads, road junctions, construction of new bridges, train stations, overpasses and underground pedestrian crossings and so on.