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Air pollution (compendium)

biggest air polluters in cities are vehicles, thermal power stations, and industrial enterprises.

compared with such cities as Kiev, Krivoy Rog, Kiev, Dnipropetrovsk in smaller enterprises that heavily pollute the environment. But in our city, this problem is very acute.

CHP supply in our homes warm, while burning coal, gas and fuel oil. Combustion products emitted into the atmosphere and cause serious damage to the environment and human health.

gasoline powered vehicles and solyartsi and also throwing with a lot of exhaust pollutants. Given that in our city 500 000 cars, you can only imagine what damage they cause to the environment.

to reduce emissions by the various measures. In industrial enterprises the-art net technology, installed treatment plants. A particularly bad company submitted outside the city also created around them sanitary zones (areas where housing and prohibited placement of social and domestic purposes).

regard to transport most effective measures is to limit traffic, strict compliance requirements on owners of cars environmentally friendly engines. Also important is the condition of roads, security, transportation, fuel quality, the amount of green space in others.