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1787 (compendium)

1787 Kyiv on the way to the Crimea, visited Catherine II. Visit Empress fell on the end of the period in history, which can be called baroque era. From the late seventeenth century Kyiv started decorated grand and elegant buildings in Baroque - such as the Fraternal cathedrals and monasteries of St. Nicholas, Great Lavra Bell Tower, St. Andrew's Church. The city acted Kyiv Mohyla Academy, whose graduates roznosyly lumen throughout the Russian Empire. Thousands of pilgrims visited the Kiev-Pechersk Lavra to worship holy relics. Though the city that stood close to the boundary with the Commonwealth, played no noticeable role in economic life. Its population numbers 20 thousand, while 3000 was on garrison - one of the most powerful on the Russian border.

Kyiv consisted of three separate parts - hem , Old Kyiv and Caves . Living hem kept old Magdeburg law, represented by a magnificent hall in the market place. The richest of Podolsk townspeople engaged in trade and lyhvarnytstvom, vodka chased by order of the Church and Cossack, creating icons and precious ornaments.

Old Kyiv, compared with skirts, and little was settled mostly poor nations. Over the modest cottage here vysochyly bath Sofia and St. Michael's Monastery, built in the XVIII century which vdyahlysya in baroque clothes. Immediately after the accession of Russia to the Old Kiev built a powerful fortress, but later it lost its meaning stronghold at the Cave.

Rooks, who won the title laurels, into a grand ensemble in Baroque style. Around Pechersk Lavra instead demolished the town faced the fortress, built by order of Peter I. Outside the fortress ramparts and ditches appeared Pechersk district. The space between the old Kyiv Pechersk and only began to feel at home. It was built Imperial palaces and Klovsky, designed to receive important guests.