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Entry (textbook)


NM Hupan, AI Pometun, GA Freimane






(Level standard academic level)
Recommended by the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine




Dear friends!   


In the Ukrainian national history of the twentieth century. is the most difficult but also the most informed. After all, his story has just ended and achievements continue to please, but tragedy and adversity have cause suffering to many people. The particle of that era still have each   you, today's students. Your personal story, too, has its roots in century ago.
In each generation - their view of history and their reading historical experience. Present always defines the front edge, boundary  edge of social progress and leads to "most reliable" metric perspective, aimed into the past. In this way, can grasp its essence, self-affirmation and nasnazhytysya fortitude.
Ukrainian trail laid on the earth path of universal truth and  wisdom of the people who created our history. Today there is no obstacles for those wishing to follow it, understand its intricacies and twists, zviryayuchy historical regularity and importance of human intentions ideas and plans.
So, realizing as a part of the whole, involved in the history Twentieth century., This year you have the unique opportunity during class explore their own genealogy to find out why the fate of your family, your parents formed this way.
We will explore the history of only the first two decades of turbulent Twentieth century., However, as the saturation of the events and the magnitude of changes in life of the people are of equivalent age in the past. Over the years  Ukraine has experienced the tragedy of World War I, enthusiastic, frustration and bloody struggle for power.
Terrible war began a new period not only world history but also Ukraine's history. The fall of empires and the birth process of new national countries in Europe and not ignored the Ukrainian land.
The first twenty years of the century, the turbulent and tragic, have experience history, who assures today's citizens of independent Ukraine in that only the people's will can vytvoryty unsurpassed values,  not destroy or ponivechyty any invader or invaders.
Dear students! Read this tutorial on our recent history!
We hope that studying the history of the homeland will help you sharper sense of belonging to the people of Ukraine, to become conscious, active and competent citizens.