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QUESTIONS: Ukrainian revolution

What gave UCR a legitimate reason to act as the nationwide representative body?

  1. The fact that it represented all segments of the ethnic minorities of Ukraine's population
  2. The presence of strong forces
  3. Understanding of the Interim Government
  4. International recognition
Answer: a

Policy first military unit was:

  1. Military club named. P. Polubotko
  2. Regiment im.B.Hmelnytskoho
  3. Free Ukrainian Cossacks
  4. First Ukrainian building
Answer: a

What event helped transform one of the UCR from Kiev organization at the All-State center?

  1. 100,000th demonstration in Kiev
  2. Ukrainian National Congress
  3. elected leadership of UCR
  4. And the Universal Declaration of
Answer: b

Universal II UCR

  1. arbitrarily declared Ukraine's autonomy
  2. bralosya pledge not to declare an autonomous system of Ukraine to the convening of National Constituent Assembly
  3. the question of autonomy of Ukraine did not belonged
  4. UCR replenished representatives of national minorities
Answer: b, d

According to the Third Universal landlordism

  1. abolished
  2. kept
  3. turned into large state farms
  4. limited
Answer: a

Soviet power was proclaimed in Ukraine

  1. October 25, 1917
  2. December 4, 1917
  3. December 12, 1917
  4. January 22, 1918
Answer: c

How did the UCR to the Bolshevik coup in Petrograd?

  1. condemned
  2. approved
  3. Ukraine declared independence
Answer: a

UCR considered unnecessary creation of a regular army that ...

  1. was a prisoner of socialist doctrines
  2. considered that Ukraine has no enemies
  3. no money for a military
  4. relied on the rapid onset of World Revolution
Answer: a

Armed Self performance was due

  1. adoption of the Universal II
  2. performance of the Bolsheviks
  3. General Kornilov riot
  4. beginning of a new Russian offensive at the front
Answer: a

In the region of Ukraine after the suppression of rebellion by General Kornilov Bolsheviks won the most popular?

  1. in Kharkiv
  2. in Donbass
  3. in Chernihiv
Answer: b

Self leader was

  1. M. Mihnovskiy
  2. Hrushevsky
  3. V. Vynnychenko
Answer: a

Rise of the factory in Kiev Arsenal held against UCR

  1. October 1917
  2. January 1918
  3. February 1918
Answer: b

Why in Kharkov was declared Soviet power in Ukraine?

  1. Because it was the largest city in Ukraine
  2. Because here was the biggest supporters of the Bolsheviks
  3. City close to Russia
Answer: c

Commander of the First Ukrainian case was

  1. , Petliura
  2. M. Mihnovskiy
  3. P. Skoropadskyi
Answer: c

What was the name of the Soviet army, "UNR"?

  1. Red Army
  2. Red Cossack
  3. The Soviet army
Answer: b

Which organization has initiated a UCR?

  1. TUP
  2. Acute
  3. Provisional Government of Russia
Answer: a

Most numerous major part of Ukrainian society on the eve of the 1917 Revolution were

  1. workers
  2. peasantry
  3. intelligentsia
Answer: b

When it was formed Ukrainian Central Rada?

  1. in March 1917
  2. in June 1917
  3. in October 1917
Answer: a

Who was elected president of UCR?

  1. Hrushevsky
  2. V. Vynnychenko
  3. , Petliura
  4. S. Efremov
Answer: a

How many provinces distributed power of the General Secretariat in accordance with the Interim Secretariat General of the instructions of the Provisional Government in Ukraine?

  1. 5
  2. 7
  3. 9
Answer: a

What political forces struggling for power in Kiev after the overthrow of the Provisional Government in Petrograd?

  1. Bolsheviks and staff quo
  2. Bolsheviks, UCR, headquarters quo
  3. UCR and the headquarters quo
Answer: b

According to which Universal UCR replenished by representatives of national minorities?

  1. The first
  2. The second
  3. Third
Answer: b

What is Universal UCR program included socio-economic transformation?

  1. First
  2. Second
  3. Third
  4. Fourth
Answer: c

Where was I All-Ukrainian Congress of Councils, which was proclaimed by the Soviet regime in Ukraine?

  1. Kyiv
  2. Kharkiv
  3. in Yekaterinoslav
Answer: b