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QUESTIONS: Ukraine in the fight for the preservation of national independence

Labour Congress was

  1. the supreme executive body of the UPR
  2. highest legislative body of the UPR
  3. advisory body to the chieftain S. Petliura
  4. function as deputies in Ukraine
Answer: b

Chortkiv offensive (ofenzyva) was directed UGA

  1. against Polish troops
  2. against Russian troops
  3. against the Red Army
  4. against Romanian forces
Answer: a

UNR Act was proclaimed and WUFR

  1. January 22, 1919 in Lviv
  2. January 22, 1919 in Kiev
  3. 7 (22) November 1917 in Kiev
  4. November 1, 1918
Answer: b

The main strike force troops directory during the uprising were antyhetmanskoho

  1. USS
  2. UGA
  3. First Ukrainian building
  4. peasant rebel troops
Answer: a

Select from the list of rebel leader of the peasant movement in Ukraine:

  1. N. Makhno
  2. A. Denikin
  3. E. Petrushevych
  4. Rakovski
Answer: a

After joining the Red Army in Galicia during the Soviet-Polish war there was a

  1. West Ukrainian National Republic
  2. Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic
  3. Galician Soviet Socialist Republic
  4. Galicia-Bucovina Governor-General
  5. Bukovina Soviet Republic
Answer: c

After the simultaneous entry into the Kyiv Ukrainian and White Guard troops August 30, 1919

  1. Ukrainian troops were forced to leave the city
  2. Ukrainian troops ousted the Whites from the city
  3. Kyiv has been divided into zones of control
Answer: a

As called for the Ukrainian Hetman State Skoropadsky?

  1. Ukrainian People's Republic
  2. West Ukrainian National Republic
  3. Ukrainian State
Answer: c

To which the state had ZUNR lead the armed struggle for independence?

  1. Russia
  2. Poland
  3. with Austria
  4. with Germany
Answer: b

As called policy, it introduced the Bolsheviks in 1919?

  1. NEP
  2. "War Communism"
  3. Revival
Answer: b

Key position defense Whites in the Crimea were

  1. isthmus of Perekop
  2. in the mountains of Crimea
  3. near Sevastopol
Answer: a

The second "winter campaign ended in tragedy in the city

  1. Sharp
  2. Bazaar
  3. Kyiv
Answer: b