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QUESTIONS: East Slavic tribes - ancestors of the Ukrainian - before the formation of the state

When it was formed Dulib tribal union?

  1. In the 2 centuries.
  2. In 7 of art.
  3. In the 9 th century.
Answer: b

Names East tribal unions, which survived until the time of formation of the state on the territory of Ukraine retained the record?

  1. Slovenes, Krivichi, Radimichi, and Dregoviches v'yatychi
  2. Polana, Drevlyane, Volhynians, Croats, Ukichi, Tyvertsi and Northerners
Answer: b

What territory occupied East Slavic tribal union Polyany?

  1. Average Prydnipovya: in the forests on the mountains above the river Dnipro
  2. Between the river and Sluch Dnieper and the Pripyat hen
Answer: a

Which neighboring countries was the main trading partner alliances of tribes in East 8.7 cent.?

  1. Khazar khanate
  2. Byzantine Empire
  3. Polish principality
Answer: b

Which of the neighboring states of Eastern Slavs dominated the Black Sea steppes to the end of 10 century., Seeking to extend to these territories their power?

  1. Khazar khanate
  2. Avar khanate
Answer: a

As the soldiers were called to the north - the ancestors of modern Danes, Swedes, Norwegians, who were hired to powerful lords?

  1. Chud, merya
  2. Norman, Varangians
Answer: b

Where tribal center was located Dulib union?

  1. In Zimne settlement, near Vladimir in Volhynia
  2. In Kiev settlement
Answer: a

What is East Slavic tribal unions in Ukraine was not incorporated Dulib tribal union?

  1. Derevlyany
  2. Siverianians
  3. Catch
Answer: b

Where, according to archaeologists, was located Settlement Kyi?

  1. In the northwestern part of the mountain Starokyivskaya
  2. Cave In
Answer: a

What is the discovery of archaeological evidence of settlement Kyi spiritual life of the Eastern Slavs?

  1. Zbrutsky idol
  2. Remains of ancient kapischa
Answer: b

As referred to religious beliefs and rituals of Eastern Slavs, which consisted in the deification of natural force?

  1. Paganism
  2. Christianity
Answer: a

How is historical, in which the most important events recorded in chronological order by year?

  1. Chronicle
  2. Lesson
  3. History Computerization
Answer: a