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When was great settlement of the Slavs?

  1. In Article 6.7. BC
  2. In Article 7.6.
Answer: b

What archaeological cultures existing monuments of ancient Slavs?

  1. Tripoli, yamniy, carcass
  2. Zarubynets'ka, Przewor, chernyakhivska
Answer: b

Where and when actually faced Slavic archaeological culture?

  1. In north-eastern Europe and northern Asia in 6-7 centuries.
  2. In the forest-steppe of southeastern Europe 5-6 centuries.
Answer: b

What tribal groups together with the Slavs belong to Cherniahivs'ka archaeological culture?

  1. Goths, Scythians, Sarmatians, Thracians, etc.
  2. Cimmerians, Greeks, Romans, etc.
Answer: a

What territory covered Slavic culture that emerged in 3 tablespoons. BC?

  1. Between Earth and the Desna Pripyat in the north and the Black Sea and Danube in the south
  2. From the Urals to the lower reaches of Danube
Answer: a

As Slavs named in written sources 2 tablespoons.?

  1. Chernyakhivski
  2. Venedi
  3. Trypillians
Answer: b

Who is the author of On the Origin and hetiv act "(6 cent.), In which there is mention of Slavs?

  1. Jordan
  2. Procopius of Caesarea
Answer: a

Nomadic Turkic peoples who came to the steppes of Ukraine from the territory of Mongolia and China, replacing the Iranian nomads and initiating the era of the Great Migration?

  1. Gauthier
  2. Huns
  3. Avars
Answer: b

Archaeological which corresponded etnopleminnoho association is ancient Slavs Prague Korchatska-culture, whose monuments are on the territory between the Dniester and the Danube?

  1. Anti
  2. Sklavyny
  3. Avars
Answer: b

What bought Slavs in their trading partners?

  1. Dishes, glassware, bronze, silver and gold, wine, oil
  2. Fur, honey, wax, hides, grain
Answer: a

What territory captured Slavs during the Great Migration, rozselyayuchys west and south?

  1. Danube, the Balkan areas, pool Elbe and Baltic coast
  2. Upper reaches of the Dnieper, Volga and Upper Don
Answer: a

What is the historical significance of the Great Migration to the Slavic world?

  1. Division has originated Slavic ethnic group, which laid the basis for the formation of modern Slavic peoples
  2. It was launched in the settlement of the Slavs of the Dnieper River Oder
Answer: a