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QUESTIONS: Kiev State under Yaroslav the Wise

In what years reign of Yaroslav the Wise in Kiev?

  1. In 978-1015 he was
  2. In 1019-1054 he
Answer: b

What battle ended on the river Alta in 1018?

  1. Sviatopolk victory and his father in law King of Poland and the return of Yaroslav in Novgorod
  2. Yaroslav's victory and consolidation of his desk at the Kyiv
Answer: b

What is the church - the greatest building of Kyiv - Yaroslav was built?

  1. Church Tithes
  2. Hagia Sophia
Answer: b

Which of the events mentioned in the chronicles before?

  1. Construction of the cathedral
  2. Establishment Pechersk monastery
Answer: a

Which of the figures of the Kievan Rus first canonized their experiences?

  1. First Christian princes Askold and Olga
  2. Yaroslav deceased brothers - Princes Boris and Gleb
Answer: b

Field trips to a nomadic people put an end to the days of Prince Yaroslav?

  1. Pechenihs
  2. The Khazars
Answer: a

Who is Hilarion?

  1. Chronicler, author of "Tale of Bygone Years"
  2. The first Metropolitan of Kiev Rus Rus
Answer: b

How many times, according to archaeological sites, increased the area of the City of Yaroslav "versus" city of Vladimir?

  1. 3 times
  2. 7 times
Answer: b

What is true Yaroslav?

  1. The first written collection of laws Rus
  2. The book, brought Anna Yaroslavna to France, where French kings swore later
Answer: a

Why Yaroslav the Wise called the father in Europe?

  1. For the Prince undertook cultural and educational activities for the European model
  2. Because the foreign policy of the prince sat prominently mizhdynastychni marriages
Answer: b

Which states since Kievan Rus Yaroslav the Wise maintained the closest relations?

  1. From Byzantium, Germany and Poland
  2. In Italy, Georgia, Lithuania
Answer: a

As known complex structures, intended for religious accommodation, sending their religious practices, training, etc.?

  1. Cathedral
  2. Monastery
  3. Church
Answer: b