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QUESTIONS: Kievan Rus by the successors of Yaroslav. Vladimir Monomakh

Which events took place earlier?

  1. The first mention in the chronicle of the Polovtsian
  2. Lubech Congress of Princes
Answer: a

What principle stolonasliduvannya introduced Yaroslav the Wise?

  1. Kyiv had a table on the principle of transfer from father to son
  2. Kyiv table had a pass from older brother
Answer: b

As tables were distributed in the Ruthenian lands among the children of Yaroslav the Wise in 1054?

  1. Highlights of land was concentrated in the hands of senior Yaroslavychi: Kyiv - Izyaslav, Chernihiv - Sviatoslav Pereyaslav - Vsevolod
  2. Highlights of land was concentrated in the hands of senior Yaroslavychi - Izyaslav
Answer: a

Who went to battle on the river Alta in 1068?

  1. Ruski wife and three Yaroslavychi Kuman
  2. Ruski wife of Yaroslav the Wise and Pechenegs
Answer: a

What battle ended on the river Alta in 1068?

  1. Polovtsian defeat and return to Kyiv Izyaslav
  2. Rus defeat and performance against Kiev Prince Izyaslav
Answer: b

With the name of someone connected with Yaroslavychi creation of two manuscripts, one of which is a page "miniature depicting princely family?

  1. Sviatoslav Yaroslavych
  2. Vladimir Monomakh
Answer: a

What cathedral was built in the Supplement at the expense of Prince Svyatoslav Yaroslavych?

  1. Sophia
  2. Assumption
Answer: b

Which of the princes, seeking to end a princely intestine wars and unite forces to repel polovtsy, initiated Lubech Congress?

  1. Izyaslav Yaroslavych
  2. Vladimir Monomakh
Answer: b

During which years he knyazyuvav monomials in London?

  1. In 1113 - 1125 рр.
  2. In 1125 - 1132 рр.
Answer: a

The author of works which was Vladimir Monomakh?

  1. "History Computerization"
  2. "Guidelines for Children"
Answer: b

So many battles against Polovtsian for own count, attended Vladimir Monomakh?

  1. 38
  2. 83
Answer: b

Who was the last prince of Kiev, whose authorities described as monarchical and after whose death Kiev State finally broke up into separate independent principality?

  1. Vsevolod Yaroslavych
  2. Mstislav Vladimirovich
Answer: b