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QUESTIONS: Disintegration of Kievan Rus

When first mentioned in chronicles of the name "Ukraine"?

  1. 1132
  2. 1187
Answer: b

What was the leading cause disintegration of Kievan Rus?

  1. The development of feudal land tenure, strengthening his patrimonial forms and different ethnic composition of the territories of Kievan Rus
  2. Existence stolonasliduvannya sustainable manner, development of trade route "from the Varangian to the Greeks' lack of attacks against the steppe nomads
Answer: a

How autonomous principalities formed in the mid 12 century. on the territory of Kievan Rus?

  1. About 5
  2. About 15
Answer: b

Which of the principalities existed in the Ukrainian territory in the mid 12 century.?

  1. Smolensk, Muro-Ryazan, Polotsk, Vladimir-Suzdal
  2. Kiev, Chernihiv, Pereyaslavskoe, Volyn and Galician
Answer: b

Around which the capitals principalities - is not the richest city in Europe, there were some of the worst mizhknyazivski dispute for power?

  1. Kyiv
  2. Chernihiv
  3. Pereyaslav
Answer: a

Which of these cities existed in the Chernihiv principality?

  1. Toompea, Belgorod, Ovruch, Yur'yiv
  2. Novgorod-Seversky, Putyvl, Ljubech, Starodub
Answer: b

Which Duchy of directly related experience that is immortalized in her poem "The Tale of Igor"?

  1. Volyn
  2. Chernihiv
Answer: b

What ended march Novgorod-Seversky against Prince Igor Polovtsian Svyatoslavich?

  1. Russians defeat wives and captives Rus princes
  2. Victory of Russians wives and captives Polovtsi khans
Answer: a

Areas where principalities rozprostorylysya on the left bank?

  1. Kyiv and Volyn
  2. Chernigov and Pereyaslavsky
Answer: b

What is the event associated with Pereyaslavs'kyi Prince Vladimir Hlibovychi?

  1. The first mention of the name "Ukraine" in the annals
  2. Lubech Congress of Princes
Answer: a

Most of the land which the principality rozlyahlysya on the Right Bank, bordering the south of polovtsi steppes?

  1. Pereyaslavsky
  2. Kiev
Answer: b

What principalities bordered on the Kiev principality?

  1. Volyn and Galicia
  2. Chernihiv and Pereyaslav
Answer: a