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QUESTIONS: Architecture and art of Kievan Rus' and Galicia-Volyn state

As the oldest known part of any ancient city - the fortress, in which sporudzhaly courts and by the boyars, the most important churches and cathedrals?

  1. Division
  2. Detinets
  3. Parties
Answer: b

When and where was erected the first Christian stone church of Kievan Rus?

  1. In 989 - 996 years in Kiev
  2. In 1017-1037 he was in Chernigov
Answer: a

What temple was built in Pechersk monastery in 1073-1078 he became a lasting example of church architecture?

  1. St. Michael's Cathedral
  2. Assumption Cathedral
Answer: b

In which city was built Boris Cathedral, Uspensky Cathedral Eletskogo monastery Illinsku Bloc and the church?

  1. In Kiev
  2. In Chernihiv
Answer: b

What is the structure of ancient Galic preserved to our times?

  1. St. Panteleimon, built in the second half of the 12 century.
  2. Church of Our Saviour in Brest, built in 1125
Answer: a

For a Galician prince of Galich was built in the famous monument of architecture - the Assumption Cathedral?

  1. By Jaroslav Osmomysl
  2. By Daniel Galician
Answer: a

What happened before?

  1. Activities of the famous icon painter of Kiev - Alypius
  2. The construction of Saint Sophia Cathedral in Kiev
Answer: b

What icon of the last third of 13 century. consider the most prominent and most distinctive landmark brush culture in Ukraine princely iconography?

  1. Icon of the Virgin of the Assumption Church in Dorogobuzh Volyn
  2. Icon of Our Lady Vyshhorod
Answer: a

Who is shown on the thumbnails "Ostromirov Gospel"?

  1. Kyiv princes of the families
  2. Evangelicals John, Mark and Luke
Answer: b

In which famous book contains thumbnail images of princely families - the first group of ancient portraits of real people?

  1. In Galicia-Volyn chronicle
  2. In History Computerization Sviatoslav
Answer: b

What is a fibula?

  1. The metal clasp on the clothing that is both decorations
  2. The picture painted by special paints on raw tynku
Answer: a

As a technique known as floor and wall decoration with small pieces of colored stone or glass (smalt), which are taught on a cement foundation?

  1. Fresco
  2. Mosaic
Answer: b