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QUESTIONS: The historical significance of Kievan Rus and Galicia-Volyn state

What state was the direct heir to the political and cultural traditions of Kievan Rus?

  1. Galicia-Volyn principality
  2. Pereyaslavskoe principality
Answer: a

Nomadic people who bothered raids in Kievan Rus in the XII century.?

  1. The Khazars
  2. Pechenegi
  3. Polovtsov
Answer: c

In what years the final stage of the history of Kievan Rus?

  1. By the middle of the XII century.
  2. In the first four decades of XIII century.
Answer: b

What are the chronological limits of Galicia-Volyn state?

  1. 1132 - 1240 рр.
  2. 1199 - 1340 рр.
Answer: b

In which of the monuments are preserved Trident depiction period of Kievan Rus?

  1. In silver and zlatnyk Vladimir the Great
  2. In books from the library of Yaroslav the Wise
Answer: a

What image of princes sign has spread at the beginning of the XII century. land in Kiev?

  1. Holy Archangel Michael
  2. Lion, which relies on the cliff
Answer: a

What is written on the seal and George L.?

  1. "Lord King George of Russia"
  2. "Lord of the George Prince of Kievan Rus"
Answer: a

Which path linking the sea "from the Varangians to the Greeks?

  1. Baltic and Black Sea
  2. Azov Sea and the Mediterranean
Answer: a

What prince called father in Europe?

  1. Yaroslav the Wise
  2. Sviatopolk Damned
Answer: a

What is the prince became the first king in our history?

  1. Vladimir Monomakh
  2. Daniel R.
Answer: b

Which country had the greatest impact on the culture of Rus lands?

  1. Poland
  2. Byzantium
Answer: b

As known form of government under which supreme power is concentrated in the hands of the sole holder of the ruling dynasty?

  1. Republic
  2. Monarchy
Answer: b