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QUESTIONS: Start the Lithuanian and Polish domination in the Ukrainian lands

What happened before?

  1. KREVO union
  2. The final accession to the Polish Kingdom of Galicia
Answer: a

What events started the fight for the Galician-Volyn land?

  1. From the Battle of Blue Waters 1362
  2. From going to the Polish king Casimir Lions 1340
Answer: b

Which of the Ukrainian lands first came under Lithuanian princes Hedyminovychiv dynasty?

  1. Galicia
  2. Volin
  3. Kyiv region
Answer: b

Who belongs in the Galician government land for 1340-1344 biennium?

  1. Polish king Casimir III
  2. Schafer Demetrius Dedku
Answer: b

What are the Ukrainian lands included in the Lithuanian state in the reign of Grand Duke of Lithuania Olgerd?

  1. Galicia, Volyn and Transcarpathia
  2. Kiev region, Chernigov-Siverschyna and skirts
Answer: b

What features of the state system was state of Lithuania in the second half of XIV century.?

  1. It was a federation of land-principalities, including Ukrainian
  2. She was the one state ruled by the great Prince of Kiev
Answer: a

What is autonomous prince, underlining its economic power and the desire to become free from dependence, minted its own coins?

  1. "With God's grace Kyiv Prince Vladimir Olgerdovich
  2. Volyn prince Liubard Hedyminovych
Answer: a

What's included KREVO union?

  1. Marriage Lithuanian Prince Jagiello of Polish Queen Jadwiga and joining the Grand Duchy of Lithuania into the Polish state
  2. Connect Kyiv, Chernihiv-Sivershchyna and skirts to the Lithuanian State
Answer: a

Who is Vitovt?

  1. Son Keystuta Hedyminovycha, Grand Duke of Lithuania, who opposed the conditions Krevsk Union, fought for political independence of Lithuania from Poland
  2. Son Olgerd Hedyminovycha, Grand Duke of Lithuania and King of Poland
Answer: a

The structure of a State in 1387 as a result kilkadesyatylitnoyi Polish-Hungarian-Lithuanian territorial dispute entered Galicia, as independent "Kingdom of Russia?

  1. In the Kingdom of Poland
  2. In the Grand Duchy of Lithuania
Answer: a

In what years reign at the Kiev local prince Vladimir Olgerdovich?

  1. In 1340 - 1385 рр.
  2. In 1363 - 1394 рр.
Answer: b

What city was the capital of Grand Duchy of Lithuania in the XV century.?

  1. Free
  2. Krakow
Answer: a