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QUESTIONS: Ukrainian lands within Hungary, Moldova, and Moscow State. Crimea and the Ukrainian Black Sea

Who belonged to the Black Sea steppes of Mongol invasions?

  1. Polovtsy
  2. Mongols
Answer: a

Who and when was the first ruler of the Crimean Khanate, which was formed as a result of the collapse of the Golden Horde?

  1. Stefan III in 1457
  2. Hajji Giray in 1449
Answer: b

As first called Genoese colony in the Northern Black Sea, conquered in 1475 the Turkish sultan?

  1. Kafa
  2. Mangup
Answer: a

When the Crimean khan Mengli-Gil acknowledged supremacy of the Turkish sultan?

  1. In 1478
  2. In 1482
Answer: a

To which came the hordes of the Crimean Khan Mengli Giray during the first major campaign in Ukraine?

  1. In Kyiv
  2. By city
Answer: a

What campaigns were aimed at the hordes of the Crimean Ukrainian lands?

  1. Occupation of land and join the possession of the Crimean Khanate
  2. The destruction, plunder, capture prisoners captured
Answer: b

Lithuanian prince who ruled in our region, many contributing to the development of the region?

  1. Theodore Koriatovych
  2. Vladimir Olgerdovich
Answer: a

Between the States was divided Transcarpathian Hungarian troops after the defeat of the Turks at the Battle of Mohachem in 1526?

  1. Between Duchy of Lithuania and the Moscow kingdom
  2. Between the Duchy of Transylvania and the Holy Roman Empire, where emperors ruled the Austrian Habsburg dynasty
Answer: b

As a part of a State was in Bukovina XV.?

  1. In the Moldavian principality
  2. In the Hungarian Kingdom
Answer: a

What are the ground lost in the Grand Duchy of Lithuania to Moscow's war in 1537?

  1. Chernihiv-Siverian region and Smolensk
  2. Galicia and Volhynia
Answer: a

What happened before?

  1. Final disposition of the local prince of Kiev and its transformation to Province Grand Duchy of Lithuania
  2. Recognition of the Crimean Khanate Ottoman domination
Answer: a

Who led the troops Grand Duchy of Lithuania in winning the battle of Orsha in 1514 against Muscovy?

  1. Konstantin Ostrog
  2. Andrew Barula
Answer: a