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UKRAINIAN COSSACKS in the first quarter of XVII century.

basic thesis

  • Hetman P.Konashevych-Sahaidachny - brilliant commander, a wise politician, a gifted diplomat.
  • support troops Zaporizhzhya Orthodox Church and fraternity helped transform the Cossacks of the leading stratum of Ukrainian society.
  • most significant contribution to the victory by making Khotin Ukrainian Cossacks.
  • Loud victory in marine and terrestrial expeditions Cossacks led by Peter Konashevych-Sahaidachny have increased the international prestige of the Ukrainian Cossacks.




Zaporozhian Cossacks headed by P. Sahaidachny Turkish fortress Kafa.

1618-1648 he

Thirty Years War in Europe between the two coalitions States: Catholic Habsburg (Austria, Spain, Poland) and Protestant (United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Denmark, France, Sweden). Participation in hostilities Ukrainian Cossacks.


Hike 20000th Sagaidachnogo Cossack troops to help in Muscovy prince Vladislav. Deulinske truce. Poland's Accession to the Chernihiv-Sivershchyna and Smolensk.


Polish-Turkish War. The defeat of Polish forces in Tsetsorskyh fields in Moldova.


Restoration of the Orthodox hierarchy. The election of the Orthodox Metropolitan of Kiev Job Boretsky.


Khotyn war. Of the Cossack troops led by P. Sahaydachnyy Khotyn war on the side of the Commonwealth.


real name Peter Konashevich-Sagaidachnogo - Konashevych. Sahaidachny - a nickname that comes from the word quiver - leather bag or carrying case for wooden arrows. Sahaidachny Peter Konashevich called for exceptionally skilful archery. Even at one of his portraits by contemporaries, he is portrayed with quivered behind.

on childhood and adolescence Peter Konashevich Sagaidachnogo-preserved extremely stingy information. Born between 1577-1578 he was with. Kulchytsi near Sambora in Lviv region in a family of small Ukrainian Orthodox nobleman. Got a primary education at home, and later studied at the Ostrog Academy and Lviv Brotherhood school. At the end of the XVI century. went to Kharkiv, where quickly gained credibility. He participated in numerous campaigns against the Cossacks, and soon became their lead. Become famous as an outstanding statesman. He Hetman Zaporozhian Host 1617 joined the European league to fight against the Porte. Aiming to create a powerful anti-Turkish alliance, which lead to the Cossack hetman laid republic, he established diplomatic ties with Moscow, Georgia and Iran. A brilliant military leader, a wise politician, a gifted diplomat Peter Konashevych-Sahaidachny won well-deserved tribute contemporaries.

sea trips KOZAK

  • Summer 1606 from the Cossack attacks burned all the Turkish Black Sea coast. Cossacks struck immediately by the three strongest forts Turkish - Ackermann, Kiliya, Varna. Extremely concerned about the sultan ordered to cross the Dnieper iron chain, leaving the gate in the middle of the river on which the towers of the fortress was aimed guns.
  • Fall 1608 Cossacks took Perekop, and soon - Ishmael, and Akerman Chilia.
  • 1614 flotilla of gulls crossed the Black Sea. Vysadyvshys under cutoff, the Cossacks were victorious campaign on the Turkish coast, won Sinop, destroyed the garrison, an arsenal, burned the city and Turkish ships.
  • 1615 80 seagulls, they went to the Turkish capital, where in addition to the fleet, Sultan stood guard in the 30 thousand soldiers. Cossacks burned the port facilities and turned back. Enraged sultan once ordered the catch and destroy zuhvaltsiv. But at first Ochakov Cossacks attacked the Turkish squadron, captured a senior expedition. Captured galleys destroyed the sight Ochakiv garrison.
  • 1616 The most powerful blow Cossacks. Cafu win - the biggest market nevilnytskyy in Crimea. Liberated several thousand prisoners.

political, military and educational activities PETER KONASHEVICH-SAGAYDACHNY


Hetman Sagaidachnogo fell in 1605 - 1610 th on its hetman elected several times.

Merit Hetman:

1. Order the Cossack army.

    Originally a disciplined
  • Cossack army, armed to the last Cossack guns and artillery of the time.
  • achieved quantitative growth of Zaporizhia and fleets, in which the number of seagulls - the main fighting units - has reached several hundred.

2. He had great diplomatic abilities.

  • peaceful diplomatic measures Sagaidachnogo respected at the royal court - for the first time Poles were dealing with a reputable Cossack leaders with whom you can negotiate and that he may hold under Kozak element.
  • steadily advocated Cossack rights. Despite numerous agreements with the Polish government, which banned the Cossacks make trips to Turkey, Sahaidachny resorted to new attacks, which worsen relations between the Ottoman Empire and Poland up to the state of war. This situation was in favor of Cossacks: under constant threat from Turkey, Poland hesitated to destroy the Cossacks - your ally in the fight against the Turks.

3. Participated in the then European politics.

  • intentions Polish Prince Wladyslaw win the crown of the Moscow State in the early summer of 1618 led 20000th Cossack army to Moscow. Trip was quick and successful.
  • Due to hike
  • December 1, 1618 in the village. Deulini signed a peace agreement between Muscovy and the Commonwealth. Under the agreement, the truce between the two countries ukladalosya at 14.5 years, Poland has received Smolensk and Chernigov-Siver land.

4. Maintained Orthodox Church, considered the educational affairs.

  • recovery 1620 top hierarchy of the Orthodox Church actually lost after the Union of Brest. This action was carried out jointly by the Kyiv Brotherhood and Cossacks, among whom relations became especially close after all the troops Zaporizhzhya to the fraternity.
  • stood at the origins of the Kiev Brotherhood school.


Eve of War. Cossack Council of Sukha Dibrova

5-7 June 1621 in the natural oakwood in Cherkasy dry the joint council and unregistrated Registered Cossacks, which dealt with proposals on the participation of Polish Sejm Cossacks in the war against Turkey. Cossack Council decided to act together with Poles provided the Polish government a number of demands, including:

  • recognition of the rights of the Cossacks;
  • extension register;
  • observance of religious equality;
  • support the restored church hierarchy.

little Cossack mission to inform the king that led Sahaidachny.

throw 40000th Cossack army council commissioned Yatsku wart.

Progress war

  • Khotynska fortress (now Chernivtsi region) came 35000th Polish and 250-thousand Turkish-Tatar army. Polish command was looking forward to the Cossack units.
  • Soon
  • Sahaidachny arrived from Warsaw. He was elected hetman.
  • Under the leadership
  • Sagaidachnogo Cossacks fought off nine assaults, made several night attacks, which, except one, were successful.
  • The burden of war fell on the Ukrainian Cossacks.

P ` yatytyzhnevi fights, in which the decisive role played by the Cossack infantry, ran for the Turkish-Tatar forces defeat. September 29, 1621 between the Commonwealth and Turkey, signed the peace treaty.

implications and value

  • Khotyn war Poland diverted threat of loss of significant areas.
  • first resounding victory over the Turkish army received in terrestrial battles, had great international significance. She refuted the idea of invincibility caused the outbreak in Turkey and the liberation struggle of the peoples conquered by the Turks.
  • The Old War changed the foreign policy plans of the Ottoman government: Turkey since a long time rejected the intention to conquer all of Europe.
  • war affected the domestic situation of the Ottoman Empire: angry defeat janissary killed Sultan Osman II. This mutiny was foreshadowing the decline of the mighty empire.
  • Thanks
  • heroic actions in war Khotyn Cossacks gained general acceptance in Europe as a brave and courageous warriors who have skillfully martial arts as on land and on water.
  • Zaporozhian Host actively serving as a factor in international politics, as the vanguard of the national liberation struggle of Ukrainian people.

contributions Peter Konashevich-Sagaidachnogo the development of the liberation movement in Ukraine and the consolidation of Ukrainian society

  • Cossack army, increasing its combat capability.
  • Convert
  • Cossacks on the leading stratum of Ukrainian society promoted ideological support troops Zaporizhzhya Orthodox Church and fraternity.
  • Restores the Kyiv as religious and thus the spiritual center of Ukraine.
  • growing international recognition of the Cossacks through their prowess in a loud sea walks and Khotyn war.