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QUESTIONS: Culture of Ukraine in the second half of XVI - first half of XVII century. Development of Education and Science

When it was founded the Kyiv Mohyla Academy?

  1. 1576
  2. 1632
Answer: b

Which events took place earlier?

  1. Ostrog Bible Edition
  2. Create Peresopnytsia Gospel
Answer: b

Where and when Ukraine had the first burial school?

  1. Lviv 1586
  2. In Kiev, 1615
Answer: a

What event provided the opportunity to create Brotherhood school in London?

  1. Providing Kyiv Epiphany brotherhood rights stavropihiyi
  2. Kiev shlyahtyanka Halshka Gulevychivna gave Kiev Brotherhood of plyatsem yard "at the hem
Answer: b

What the school considers the first higher school in Ukraine?

  1. Ostrog school
  2. Lviv Brotherhood school
Answer: a

How did the Kyiv Mohyla Academy?

  1. As a result of mergers Kyiv Brotherhood and Lavra schools
  2. After reorganization of Ostrog Academy
Answer: a

What a book called the first known book of Scripture portrait of contemporary Ukrainian?

  1. Peresopnitske Gospel
  2. Ostrog Bible
Answer: a

Which book was the first complete printed edition of the Bible in Church Slavonic language?

  1. Formulary Peter Graves
  2. Ostrog Bible
Answer: b

Who was the author of the first Ukrainian paper dictionary "Leksys?

  1. Lawrence Zyzaniy
  2. Meletii Smotrytsky
Answer: a

Who is Ivan Fedorov?

  1. Ukrainian prince of Ostrog Academy founder, initiator edition Ostrog Bible
  2. Moscow pioneer, founder of the constant printing of Ukrainian lands
Answer: b

What books were printed by Ivan Fedorov in Ukraine?

  1. The Apostle, "Primer"
  2. "Adelfotes", "Lexicon slavenoroskyy"
Answer: a

What is printing in the Ukraine was strongest in the first half of XVII century.?

  1. Printing Lavra
  2. Printing of John F.
Answer: a