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QUESTIONS: Church life in the first half of XVII century.

When was the Orthodox hierarchy, eliminated due to the Union of Brest?

  1. 1596
  2. 1620
Answer: b

Which two Orthodox bishops remained true after the Union of Brest?

  1. Bishop Vladimir Ipatii Poti and Lutsk - Cyril Terlecki
  2. Bishop Gideon Balaban of L'viv and Peremyshl - Michael Kopystensky
Answer: b

When deployed its activity Metropolitan Petro Mohyla?

  1. In 20-30 years XVII.
  2. In 30-40 years XVII.
Answer: b

Which events took place earlier?

  1. The election of the Orthodox Metropolitan of Kiev Job Boretsky
  2. Adoption of the Polish Sejm "Articles for calming the Ruthenian people"
Answer: a

Who in his time on the metropolitan throne made important steps to streamline and update of church life?

  1. Gideon Balaban
  2. Peter Graves
Answer: b

Which of the Cossacks were called Metropolitans?

  1. Peter Mogila
  2. Job Boretsky
Answer: b

Who was the Greek Catholic Metropolitan of the death of Metropolitan Michael Romance?

  1. Job Boretsky
  2. Ipatii Potiy
Answer: b

What is preaching?

  1. The speech of religious content, which pronounced during worship
  2. Lower church administrative unit, actually an area where community members live a faithful church
Answer: a

Which of the fraternities, but Lviv, had the status stauropegian?

  1. Kyiv and Chernihiv
  2. Lutsk and Kiev
Answer: b

What is the event associated with the work of Metropolitan Peter Graves?

  1. Creation 1632 Kyiv Brotherhood Board
  2. The reform of monasticism, which was consolidated into one order - Basilian
Answer: a

Orthodox Church legal recognition for 1632-1633 biennium and restoration of the Orthodox episcopate was possible due

  1. intervention of the Catholic clergy and the Polish king
  2. bold claims Cossacks and Orthodox nobility after the death of King Sigismund III, the bitter enemy of Orthodoxy
Answer: b

Brest Church Union

  1. contributed to the normalization of relations Catholic and Orthodox churches in the Ukrainian lands
  2. caused a greater influence on the Ukrainian Catholic Church lands
Answer: b