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QUESTIONS: The emergence of Ukrainian Cossack state - Hetmanshchyna

When the freed Ukrainian lands was established Ukrainian central and local government, judicial institutions, introduced a new principle of administrative-territorial division?

  1. During the winter-spring 1648
  2. During the summer-autumn 1648
Answer: b

What was the highest legislative body in the Ukrainian Cossack state?

  1. General Council
  2. Hetman government
Answer: a

He served on the council officer?

  1. Getman, colonels, captains
  2. Getman, General Staff, Colonel
Answer: b

He served on the General Staff?

  1. General Secretary, ARCHITECTURE, two captain, two judges
  2. General Secretary, ARCHITECTURE, two captain, two judges and colonels
Answer: a

What administrative and territorial units divided Hetman?

  1. In the province, counties, land
  2. On the shelves and hundreds
Answer: b

Which city by B. Khmelnitsky Hetman was the capital?

  1. Chyhypyn
  2. Kyiv
Answer: a

How many bands divided territory of the Ukrainian Hetman State?

  1. On 10 regiments
  2. At 16 polkiv
Answer: b

Who carried out the authorities in the regiment?

  1. Colonel
  2. General Staff
Answer: a

What was the highest judicial institution in Get'manschyna?

  1. Regimental court
  2. General Court
Answer: b

Which of these figures was associate Khmelnytsky?

  1. Maxim Sergeant, Daniel Nechai, Zolotarenko Basil, Gregory Gulyanitskii, Mikhail Krichevsky, Ivan Bohun
  2. Krzysztof Kosinski, John Sulima, Dmitry Hun, Taras Tryasylo, Peter Konashevych-Sahaidachny, Dmitry Vishnevetsky
Answer: a

Which European countries were treated favorably or neutrally to the National Liberation War in Ukraine?

  1. France, Vatican, Austria, Spain
  2. Wallachia, Moldavia, Muscovy, Sweden, England
Answer: b