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QUESTIONS: Military and political events of the National Liberation War 1650-1653 biennium

When was the biggest number of soldiers fight the National Liberation War?

  1. 1648
  2. 1651
  3. 1652
Answer: b

Which events took place earlier?

  1. The second hike Moldovan and Ukrainian troops battle Batozka
  2. Pylyavetska battle and campaign of Ukrainian troops in Western Ukraine
Answer: b

During a battle that took place during the 1650-1653 biennium, Horde suddenly left the battlefield at a moment when victory was already on the side of Bogdan Khmelnitsky?

  1. During the battle of Korsun
  2. During the battle Berestetskyi
  3. During the battle Batozkoyi
Answer: b

What kind of historical figure referred to? Ukrainian commander. During the battle in the absence Berestetskyi Khmelnitskogo was elected acting hetman, organized the Cossacks out of the environment

  1. Ivan Bohun
  2. Maxim Sergeant
  3. Islam-III
Answer: a

Where a peace treaty was signed between the Government of the Cossacks and the Poles, for which the area was limited to government Hetman Kyiv province?

  1. At Zboriv
  2. Nearby City Berestechko
  3. The White Church
Answer: c

As a result of a battle Bilotserkivskiy contract became ineffective and the Cossack Ukraine became independent again?

  1. Pylyavetskoyi battle
  2. Berestetskyi battle
  3. Batozkoyi battle
Answer: c

What events happened in 1653?

  1. Zbarazhskoy Zborivska-military campaign
  2. Siege of Polish and Cossack camp Tartar forces under Zhvantse on tail
Answer: b

Who is Basil Lupul?

  1. Ukrainian military leader, who participated in the battle Batozkiy
  2. Moldavian master on board which was established allied relations with the Hetman government
Answer: b

What city was the capital of the Moldavian principality in the XVII century.?

  1. Suceava
  2. Iasi
  3. Bucharest
Answer: b

What impact have the Moldavian campaign Khmelnitskogo?

  1. It was agreed to start the war against the Commonwealth of Moldavia
  2. Alliance relationship has been established and agreed to marry the daughter of the Moldavian master and T. Khmelnytsky
Answer: b

What was determined in the second half of 1653 Hetman Bohdan Khmelnytsky search for allies, the Cossack state?

  1. Striving to bring the war against Poland to the finish
  2. Cossack desire to conclude a military treaty with Poland
Answer: a

What battles with the National Liberation War Contemporaries compared to the glorious victory of Hannibal at Cannes in 216, the to BCE.?

  1. Berestechko
  2. Batozku
Answer: b