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QUESTIONS: Zaporizhzhya Sich in the second half XVII.

As in the historical literature called Sich that existed in the years 1652-1709?

  1. Mykytynska
  2. Chortomlyk
  3. Tomakivs'ka
Answer: b

Which Host Khmelnytsky spread preparation of the National Liberation War against the Commonwealth?

  1. Mikitinsky
  2. Chortomlyk
  3. Tomakivsky
Answer: a

Which events coincided in time with the existence Chortomlyk Host?

  1. The national-liberation uprising led by Mr. Pavlyuk, J. Ostrainyn, D. Huneyu
  2. Chygyryns'ka hiking joint Turkish-Tatar army
  3. Zbarazhskoy-Zborivska campaign and making Zborivsky agreement between the Ukrainian and Polish
Answer: b

To get help with the hetman hetman's mace Support Cossacks?

  1. Peter Doroshenko
  2. John Bryuhovetskomu
  3. John Vyhovsky
Answer: b

What is the status of the Zaporizhzhya Sich was within Hetmanate?

  1. Zaporizhzhya Sich was a separate administrative unit
  2. In Zaporozhye Zaporozhian created a separate regiment, led by Colonel
Answer: a

Under the authority of a State for "Eternal peace" had to be ground Zaporizhzhya Sich?

  1. Muscovy
  2. Poland
  3. Ottoman Empire
Answer: a

Who is considered the most prominent ataman the history of the Zaporizhzhya Sich?

  1. Bohdan Khmelnytsky
  2. Ivan Sirko
  3. John Briukhovetsky
Answer: b

What events took part ataman John Lassie?

  1. Denial by Peter Doroshenko Hetman October 1675
  2. Cossack Council in Pereiaslav 1654
  3. First Crimean campaign in 1687
Answer: a

Reason for the royal government roztashovuvav to Host their garrisons?

  1. The tsarist government sought to conquer Jan closely to use its military and economic opportunities
  2. The tsarist government sought to carry out joint campaigns Russians and Cossacks against the Ottoman Empire for its seizure
Answer: a

Who supported the trade contacts directly Cossacks?

  1. Since the inhabitants of Western Ukraine, Polish cities
  2. Since residents of Left Bank Ukraine, Moscow city
Answer: b

What sold the Cossacks of your trading partners?

  1. Bread, as well as firearms, ammunition, cloth, paper
  2. Honey, skins, furs, fish, wax, cattle and horses
Answer: b

Where now the capital of the Cossacks during Chortomlyk Host?

  1. At the modern city of Zaporizhia
  2. Buried under the waters of an artificial reservoir Kakhovskoe
Answer: b