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QUESTIONS: Right bank and left bank Ukraine in the 60 - 80 рр. XVII.

Who was holding hetman's mace in Left Bank Ukraine, when on the Right Bank hetmanuvav Doroshenko?

  1. I. Vyhovsky Y. Khmelnitsky, D. Mnohohpishnyy
  2. I. Bpyuhovetskyy, D. Mnohohpishnyy, I. Samoylovych
Answer: b

When SP was Doposhenka obpano Hetman Dnippa both sides?

  1. 1667 p.
  2. 1668 p.
  3. 1672 p.
Answer: c

The consequence of which event was Buchatskiy dohovip?

  1. Hike Sultan of the Ottoman troops in Ukraine
  2. Chigirinsky hikes
Answer: a

Between the States was signed Buchatskiy mypnyy dohovip?

  1. Between Muscovy and the Ottoman Empire
  2. Between Poland and the Ottoman Empire
Answer: b

How many years have lasted Hetman I. Samoilovych?

  1. 4 years
  2. 1915
  3. 22
Answer: b

In whose reign of Hetman subordination was the Patriarch of Moscow Metropolitan of Kiev?

  1. By D. Mnohohrishny Board
  2. By rule II Samoilovych
  3. By I. Briukhovetsky
Answer: b

As is known in historical literature day 60-80 years XVII. - The period of civil wars, foreign invasions in Ukraine, its division between Muscovy, the Commonwealth, the Ottoman Empire, split Hetmanate horrific devastation of Right-Bank Ukraine?

  1. Flood
  2. Waste
Answer: b

As a result of events which destroyed Chigirin?

  1. Because Second Chigirinskogo hike
  2. Due to the Crimean campaign of the First
Answer: a

Which events took place earlier?

  1. Bakhchisarai peace treaty
  2. Russian-Polish "eternal peace"
Answer: a

Which area had to leave for Tupechchyny Bahchysapayskym contract of?

  1. Livobepezhna Ukpayina and Kyiv
  2. South Kiev region, Bpatslavschyna, Podillia
Answer: b

What are the Ukrainian territory secured by Moskoviyeyu "" eternal peace "?

  1. Livobepezhnu Ukpayinu of Kyiv and Zapopozhzhya
  2. Podolia, Volhynia, Galicia
Answer: a

"Eternal Peace" significantly weakened the national liberation movement in Ukraine because

  1. strengthened the violent division of Ukrainian lands between Muscovy and the Commonwealth
  2. actually deceived undermine the autonomy of the Ukrainian state (its territory is limited to the Kiev province, the number of Cossacks was reduced to 20 thousand)
Answer: a