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QUESTIONS: Hetmanate land and Right-Bank Ukraine late XVII - early XVIII century.

When and where born Ivan Mazepa?

  1. 1627 in Chyhyryn
  2. 1639 in Kiev region
Answer: b

What city was the seat of Hetman Mazepa for?

  1. Baturin
  2. Deaf
  3. Chigirin
Answer: a

What year began Hetman I. Mazepa?

  1. 1672 p.
  2. 1687 p.
Answer: b

What were the name of the treaty article on Ivan Mazepa and the tsarist government?

  1. Hluhivskyh
  2. Kolomaksky
  3. Konotop
Answer: b

What Kolomaksky article differed from Hlukhivsky?

  1. According to articles in Kolomaksky Hetmanate increased power kings, were even more limited rights and Hetman Hetman's government
  2. Unlike Hlukhivsky Kolomaksky article included the allocation between Ukraine and Muscovy mutually beneficial and equal relations
Answer: a

What was the purpose of domestic policy Mazepa?

  1. Contributed to the absorption of Hetman Ukraine Russia
  2. Was aimed at creating a Western state model with preservation of the traditional Cossack system
Answer: b

Which measures resorted Ivan Mazepa in cultural and educational field?

  1. Assisted in the construction and reconstruction of architectural structures, the development of national education and typography
  2. Prohibiting printing in Ukrainian, Ukrainian persecuted writers, scientists, cultural life subordinated guidelines and prescriptions royal officials
Answer: a

Why Polish government allowed to recover on the Right Bank cossacks?

  1. To protect themselves from attacks of the Turkish-Tatar hordes who freely through the devastation Right Bank advanced deep into Polish territory
  2. To later restore the Cossack state on the Right Bank
Answer: a

Who was the associate Semen piles on the right bank?

  1. Samiylo I. (Samus), Andrew Abazyn, Zechariah spark
  2. Michael Myklashevska John Skoropadskyi, James Lyzogub
Answer: a

What regiments were created as a result of recovery on the Right Bank cossacks?

  1. Boguslavsky, Korsunsky, Bratslavsky, Fastovsky (Bilotserkivskiy)
  2. Sumy, Ohtirsky, Izyumskyy, Ostrohozkyy
Answer: a

What caused the national liberation uprising of 1702-1704 he was the right bank?

  1. Actions of the Polish government, which zalahodyvshy case with Turkey, no longer needed the help of Cossacks, and therefore decided to eliminate the Right Bank cossacks
  2. Actions of the Moscow government, which, seeking to conquer the land right bank, ordered left-bank hetman take a right-bank shelves
Answer: a

What ended the uprising 1702-1704 biennium?

  1. Defeat the insurgents, the power switch right bank of Ivan Mazepa
  2. Association of Left-Bank Right Bank regiments under the rule Hetmanate S. Paliy
Answer: a