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QUESTIONS: Ukraine in the events of the Great Northern War. Revolt of Ivan Mazepa against Muscovy

Between the States broke Northern War?

  1. Between Ukraine and Sweden
  2. Between Russia and Sweden
Answer: b

When North began the war?

  1. 1700
  2. 1708
Answer: a

What prompted Ivan Mazepa to anti-colonial rebellion against Muscovy?

  1. The desire to acquire new personal privileges and enrich
  2. Awareness of danger stay Cossack Ukraine part of Russia, an understanding of the disastrous consequences of colonial policy for homeland
  3. The desire to take revenge on Peter and personal harm
Answer: b

What was the content of the agreement concluded between Mazepa and Charles XII of the end of October 1708?

  1. Ukraine had become independent. Its territory is proclaimed hereditary principality with a lifetime power-Prince Hetman
  2. Sweden and Ukraine formed a new nation with a common king, the Sejm, the Senate, the common foreign policy
Answer: a

Which city, which had the status of the hetman capital, was destroyed in November 1708 p. And the orders Petpa?

  1. Chyhypyn
  2. Batupyn
  3. Hluhiv
Answer: b

Who was elected hetman in accordance with the will of the king instead of Ivan Mazepa?

  1. Paul Polubotko
  2. Danylo Apostol
  3. John Skopopadskoho
Answer: c

What ataman led the Cossacks, who supported Mazepa antymoskovskoho during the uprising?

  1. Ivan Sirko
  2. Bone Gordienko
Answer: b

What was destroyed in January in 1709, p.?

  1. The most Cossacks
  2. Moscow's soldiers as the king
  3. Tatar-Nogai hordes
Answer: b

When was battle of Poltava?

  1. In 1708 chepvni p.
  2. In June 1709 p.
Answer: b

What ended battle of Poltava?

  1. Victory shvediv
  2. Victory posiyan
Answer: b

What were the consequences for the battle of Poltava Ukrainian lands?

  1. Russia became the most powerful state at that time in European politics, and its actions towards Ukraine were aimed at limiting the autonomy Hetmanate
  2. Ukraine as an autonomous part of Russia won new rights
  3. Moscow's soldiers destroyed the capital of the Cossack - Baturin, capital of Zaporizhzhya Sich - Chortomlyk Jan, suffered repression supporters Ivan Mazepa
Answer: a

How old hetmanuvav Mazepa?

  1. 1915
  2. 22
  3. 1930
Answer: b