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QUESTIONS: Development of Culture of Ukraine in the second half of XVII - in the first half of XVIII century.

In which cities and Hetmanate Slobozhanshchina in the first half XVII. acting colleges?

  1. Chernihiv, Kharkiv, Pereyaslav
  2. Lviv, Odessa, Kiev
Answer: a

In cities where there were major left-bank Ukraine printing?

  1. Kyiv and Chernihiv
  2. Lviv and Lutsk
Answer: a

Which university in Ukraine was a major center of science and art during the second half of XVII - XVIII century the first half.?

  1. Ostrog Academy
  2. Kyiv Mohyla Academy
Answer: b

Which city is called the music capital of Ukraine dated Hetman Kirill Razumovsky?

  1. Baturin
  2. Deaf
Answer: b

Which of the architectural structures were built or rebuilt by Hetman Ivan Mazepa in Ukrainian Cossack Baroque style?

  1. All Saints Church on the Economic Gate of Kiev-Pechersk Lavra, St. Sophia and St. Michael's Cathedral in Kiev, the Assumption Cathedral and Trinity Church Gate of Kiev-Pechersk Lavra
  2. Transfiguration Cathedral in Mhar, St. George's Cathedral Vydubytsky monastery in Kiev
Answer: a

Which attractions are architectural structures in the style of Ukrainian Cossack Baroque?

  1. Pokrovsky Cathedral in Kharkiv, Transfiguration Cathedral Mhar House, J. Lyzohub (Regimental Office) in Chernigov
  2. Chapel Kampianiv of Latin church in Lviv, in Ukraine building Kornyakta
Answer: a

Who is the most prominent artists of that time graphic artist, Ukrainian Baroque masters?

  1. Alexander Tarasevich, Leonti Tarasevich, John Schyrskyy
  2. Lazarus Baranovych, Feofan Prokopovich, Michael Myklashevska
Answer: a

What is the most famous artists of Ukrainian Baroque painters?

  1. Zinovy Clement and John Velichkovsky
  2. John Rutkovych and Job Kondzelevych
Answer: b

Which of the works written in the genre of historical prose?

  1. "Synopsis", "Chronicles of ancient chroniclers"
  2. "Zehar with poluzeharkom", "key of knowledge", Chetyi-mineral
Answer: a

Who is the most famous artists of the Cossacks chronicler?

  1. Gregory Hrabianka and Samiylo Velichko
  2. Daniel Lazar Baranovych Tuptalo
Answer: a

Which artists are prominent church leaders, writers?

  1. Michael Myklashevska John Velichkovsky John Rutkovych
  2. Stefan Jaworski Baranovych Lazarus, Daniel Tuptalo
Answer: b

Who is Feofan Prokopovich?

  1. Prominent Ukrainian painter and engraver
  2. Ukrainian scientist encyclopedist, public and church figure
Answer: b