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QUESTIONS: Ukraine after the Battle of Poltava. Strengthening the colonial policy of the Russian Empire

Which events took place earlier?

  1. The formation and launch of operations in the Little Russian Collegium Hetmanate
  2. Final disposition of Hetman
Answer: a

What kind of historical figure referred to? Selected hetman of the order of Peter I. During his Moscow Hetman government introduced in Hetmanate Little Russian Collegium

  1. About Ivan Skoropadsky
  2. About Danylo Apostol
Answer: a

Reason for the king's government created the Little Russian Collegium?

  1. To control Hetmanate
  2. To help hetman in military and court cases
Answer: a

He was elected hetman Hetman after recovery, the canceled and Peter?

  1. Paul Polubotok
  2. Danylo Apostol
Answer: b

To Hetman of the tsarist government had provided "Rishytelni points?

  1. Danylo Apostol
  2. Philip Orlik
Answer: a

As called institution that governed during the 1734-1750 biennium Hetmanate?

  1. Board Hetman's government
  2. General Military Chancellery
Answer: a

What city was the capital of the Cossack by Ivan Skoropadsky and D. Apostol?

  1. Baturin
  2. Deaf
  3. Chigirin
Answer: b

When and where was Cyril Razumovsky elected hetman?

  1. 1750 in Gluhove
  2. 1744 in Kiev
Answer: a

As called administrative unit, covering the territory of Sloboda Ukraine and was founded in 1765?

  1. Sloboda-Ukrainian province
  2. Little Russian Governor-General
Answer: a

What is the governing body of the Left-Bank Ukraine and Zaporozhye created the tsarist government in 1764?

  1. Little Russian Collegium, led by Count Peter Rumyantsev
  2. Board Hetman government headed by Prince Alexei Shahovskym
Answer: a

Where was New Sich located?

  1. In the underground river that went into Sky next Chortomlyk
  2. In the upper reaches of the Kamenka river, right tributary of the Dnieper
Answer: a

What are territorial and administrative units were established in the territory after the abolition of the regimental Hetmanate-centesimal system?

  1. Kiev, Chernigov, Novgorod province Sivers'k
  2. Kyiv, Volyn and Podolsk province
Answer: a