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§ 5. Peace treaty with Germany's allies (textbook)

§ 5. Peace treaty with Germany's allies

1.Saint-Germain Treaty

September 10, 1919 was signed by St. Germainpeace treaty with Austria, which fixed the recognition of new frontiers,formed after the dissolution of the Austro-Hungarian monarchy.

Former Austrian possession - the province of Bohemia,Moravia and Silesia became part of Czechoslovakia. Italy won the SouthTyrol, Julian extreme, almost all of Istria, in addition to the city of Fiume (Rijeka).Kingdom of Serbs, Croats and Slovenes received Bosnia and HerzegovinaDalmatia, extreme, Slovenia. Romania got the Bukovina and Poland invadedGalicia. Czechoslovakia was handed Transcarpathian Ukraine.

Austria allowed to HR 30000th army without heavyarmament. AlsoAustria had to pay reparations, although the amount has not been defined. Sheforbidden to join Germany.

2.Neyyiskyy peace treaty

November 27, 1919 in the Parisian suburb Neyyi-sur-Seinesigned a peace treaty with Bulgaria. She lost western Thrace, whichGreece passed, and get rid of the exit to the Aegean Sea. SouthDobruja remained in Romania. Part of Macedonia was givenKingdom of Serbs, Croats and Slovenes. Bulgaria forbidden to keep the armymore than 20 thousand soldiers. The amount of reparations was identified 2.25 billion in goldFranks, who had to pay them for 37 years.

3.Trianon peace treaty

Peace treaty with Hungary was named Trianon. He wasonly signed June 4, 1920 This was due to the existence of HungarySoviet republic. Hungary is under contract declined by 77% andpopulation - 59%. Romania received Transylvania and Banat KingdomSerbs, Croats and Slovenes - Vojvodina and Croatia. Hungary lostGo to the Adriatic Sea.

Slovakia and Transcarpathian Ukraine was part of Czechoslovakia.Hungary refused all rights in the former Austro-Hungarianmonarchy, including Transcarpathian Ukraine.

AlsoHungary passed Burgenland (populated border zoneGerman population).

Prohibited general conscription, the armylimited to 35 thousand soldiers. The victorious Hungary paid reparations.

4. Sevrskyy peace treaty

August 10, 1920 Turkish sultan's government signedSevrskyy peace treaty, so there was division of the former OttomanEmpire. Turkey refused the Arab possessions recognized Englishprotectorate over Egypt and France - over Morocco and Tunisia. Turkeywas deprived of rights in Sudan, has recognized the annexation of Cyprus, lost possession onArabian peninsula and Europe. Islands of the Aegean city of Izmir andGreece passed. The army was limited to 50 thousand soldiers. Throughoutcountry remained capitulation mode, which actually meant the transformation of Turkeyin semi-colonies.

5. Lausanne Peace Treaty and the agreement with TurkeySoviet Russia

Sevrskyy contract never became effective. Throughnational liberation movement Turkey managed to expose their sovereignty and conquersome areas. By agreement with Soviet Russia (1921) Turkeyreceived the city of Kars and the surrounding area.

For solutionLiabilities range of issues around Turkey andBlack Sea Straits international conference was convened in the Swissin Lausanne, November 20, 1922 and continued intermittently up to July 24, 1923 inconference was attended by representatives from Britain, France, Italy, Japan,Greece, Romania, the Kingdom of SHS, Turkey and the Soviet Republics(Russia, Ukraine, Georgia) and Bulgaria.

 The Conference adopted the Conventionmode of the Black Sea Straits, which was based on the principle of free passageships, both military and tsivilnyh under any flag.

July 24, 1923 Lausanne Treaty was signed bywhich legally fitted decay Ottoman Empire and identified newTurkey borders. Turkey returned to the territory, which were previously transferredGreece. Subsequently, France ceded part of Syria in favor of Turkey.

In 20-ies Arab possession of the Ottoman Empire wassubmitted by the League of Nations mandates Britain (Iraq, Transjordan,Palestine) and France (Syria and Lebanon).


Documents and materials

Saint-Germain Treaty. September 10, 1919


... Article 59. Austria refuses to ... in favor of Romaniaall rights of the former Duchy Bukovinskogo ...

Article 88. The independence of Austria can not be canceled withoutconsent of the League of Nations. Consequently Austria undertakes to refrain ...from any act capable of directly or indirectly violate the independencein any way ...

Article 120. The total number of soldiers in the Austrian armyshould not exceed 30 000, including officers and nestroyoviPart ... Austrian army should be designed exclusively for the maintenance of orderin Austria and its border police.


Questions to document

1.      What was caused by setting limits for Austria andother allies of Germany?

2.      What has caused the emergence st.88 in St. Germaincontract?


Questions and Tasks

1. Whatbasic provisions of peace treaties with allies Germany?

2. Aswas settled relations with Turkey?

3. Whichterritorial losses were allies of Germany?

4. Orcan be called an agreement with Germany's allies fair? Replyjustification.

5. What territorial changes took place in Europe in 1923 compared to1923 р.?


Note the dates:

September 10 1919- Saint-Germain peace treaty.

November 27, 1919 - Neyyiskyy peace dogsір.

August 4 1920- Trianon  peace dogsір.

August 10, 1920 - Sevrskyy peaceий dogsір.

July 24 1923Lausanne Peace Treaty.