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Medieval India (compendium)

In the history of India, like all of the East, it is difficult to draw the line between ancient history and Middle Ages. When Europe took place in major changes associated with the fall of the Western Roman Empire and the formation of feudalism, India continued to develop its leisurely pace. Many small states fought among themselves, while the principles of living remained steadfast. Rural community was the foundation of society, divided on caste grounds. Higher castes (Brahmin and Kshatriya) continued to operate and fight, and lower (vayshi and Shudra) - work. Sometimes that one of the many states vyokremlyuvalasya and sought to subordinate the other. However, exhausted its potential in wars against their neighbors, this country was dying and then split. It happened with the state Gupta, built in 320 years because of Raja Chandragupta . But his successors failed to maintain the unity of the state, and it is the end of VI century. ceased to exist.

several times that changes in the lives of India began with the XII century. when it conquered the northern area Muslims. They attacked India from the VIII century. But were unsuccessful. Finally, the ruler of neighboring India Haznevidiv state that emerged after the collapse of Baghdad caliphate, Mahmud Ghazni (998 - 1030's) began to systematically predatory raids into India. It is 17 times rozoryuvav it, moving ever further into the interior. With stolen wealth and servants, he captured his capital, Ghazni turned into one of the most beautiful cities of the East.