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Moscow State in the XVI - XVII century. (compendium)

Moscow kingdom in XVI - XVII century.

XVI century. for the Moscow State became the territorial period of growth and development of absolute monarchy in the form of autocracy. The population of Muscovy at the beginning of the XVI century. was about 9 million people, and Moscow itself - about 50 thousand a result of territorial gains made during the reign of Basil III (1505-1533 biennium) Moscow kingdom was the largest state of contemporary Europe.

controversial in content and results of the first was during the reign of tsar Ivan IV (1533-1584 biennium). The reforms made it in 50's of the XVI century., Weakened Boyars, strengthened the power of the king, increased centralization of the country and the influence of the nobility. However, cruelty and tyranny, he was nicknamed Terrible.

Foreign Policy of the Moscow State by Ivan IV became expansionist nature. The core of the Muscovite state territory that has been formed to XVI century. There were involved in the global trade routes. Therefore, it exerted an active effort to conquer neighboring nations. During the reign of Ivan IV of Muscovy conquered Siberian, Astrakhan and Kazan Khanate. Four-years war with the Crimean Khanate did not bring desired success. The purpose of the Livonian War 1558-1583 he was the fight of Ivan IV by seizing the Baltic States and access to the Baltic Sea. The long and exhausting war ended in defeat for the Muscovite state.

end of XVI - XVII century to the beginning. Moscow State swept severe crisis, which became known as the troublous times (1598-1613 biennium). During this period the state on the verge of death, and only through decisive national actions chiefs managed to resist and maintain their independence. Troublous times of transition in Moscow ended the Romanov dynasty to the throne that her reign lasted from 1613 till 1917 was founder of the dynasty Mikhail Romanov (1613-1645 biennium).

Doba Board Alexei Mikhailovich (1645-1676 biennium) in Moscow, was a period of completion of autocracy. In particular, he was the first among the princes of Moscow became tytuluvatysya "Grace of God Great Sovereign, the King and the Great Prince of All the Great and Little Russia czar".

important historical event of the Board of Alexei Mikhailovich was making under his domination of the Ukrainian Cossack state. But war, launched by Moscow State against the Commonwealth, allegedly for the liberation of the Orthodox Ukrainian people, ended in dismemberment of Ukraine and its division between the two countries. It was fixed Andrusovo armistice in 1667 and confirmed "Eternal peace" in 1686

In the second half of XVII century. Muscovite state captured one of the largest in the history of peasant uprisings led by Stepan Razin (1667-1671 biennium). The price of great efforts it was suppressed.