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Mechanical engineering and metal (compendium)

Engineering, together with energy and chemical industry is the so-called avant-garde three sectors, ensuring the development of scientific and technological progress. Modern machinery is composed of more than 200 industries. On the map, "Machinery and metal" represented by their individual groups. For example, heavy machinery produces manufacturing equipment industries: mining, energy and metallurgical industries. For heavy machinery are also machine tools and agricultural machinery. These industries are oriented primarily to the consumer and the areas of ferrous metallurgy.

Automotive, railroad engineering, shipbuilding, aviation and rocket industry relates to transport engineering. Production of different vehicles are labor intensive, and therefore gravitate to big cities with the presence of skilled manpower.

precision engineering combines science-and labor-intensive instrumentation, electrical and electronics industries. Leadership in production of precision engineering belongs to a highly developed countries, and in the manufacture of household appliances is dominated Newly industrialized Asian economies and China.

high level of engineering and metalworking are the Group of Eight countries, Russia and most countries in Europe. Here are concentrated the most major centers of engineering. In a world of isolated core engineering areas:

North America (30% of world production);

Western Europe (30 %);

East and Southeast Asia (20 %);

Russia and other CIS countries.