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Dear tenth and odynadtsyatyklasnyky! (textbook)

Valentina Boyko
Ihor Smal









Dear tenth and odynadtsyatyklasnyky!   


You have already learned a lot about the geographical features of the Earth. Geography  revealed many secrets before you land and ocean, you have known about the natural wonders and economic achievements, are proud Ukraine. At 10 and 11 class studied geography around the world. A begins all out of curiosity, when there are questions that have become classic: "What? Where? When?. And then appear and new: "What does this mean? Why happening? What should you do it? ". Dozens, hundreds of questions occur every time you listen to the teacher, textbook reading, viewing a web page or viewing the EPG. In many  Geography answers because her world is boundless and impressive ...

The course of economic and social geography of the world you modern marine heterogeneous and multi-faceted vision, but a holistic world. You get an idea of its natural resources, population, world economy and its trends in information Revolution, on current problems of today, find out which countries and due to which factors are world leaders, why Africa remains  the poorest regions of why the decisions taken in New York or Milan, affecting agriculture in Cambodia and why young people different parts of the world hears the same music as you.

Our fellow famous writer Nikolai Gogol, who was not indifferent to geography and even wrote in 1829 "Thoughts about geography, called for the widest possible acquaintance with the world, with its countless diversity, which would light uyavlyavsya drawn painting. By taking  armament great classic idea, let's try with book play Geographic picture of the world in its diversity and riznobarvnosti. Looking only your desire and aspiration for new knowledge and? curiosity. Of and it all starts.