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Political Map of the World (compendium)

On the political map of the world today we can see about 240 countries. Each country has its own constitution, state symbols: flag, state emblem and anthem. Each state has its own capital. 2006 map of the world was formed, another independent country of America. States differ significantly in terms of area, population, political structure, level of economic development.

The largest country in the world are Russia and the largest by population - China.

Smallest area is the Vatican: the territory of this state only 0.44 sq. km. km (for comparison, the Kyiv area over 800 sq. km.).

In terms of economic development produce several types of countries. Leading role in the global economy play an economically developed country. These primarily include the United States, Japan, Germany, France, Great Britain, Italy, Canada and Australia. Significant role in the economy of the world play serednorozvynuti countries: Turkey, Brazil, Argentina, Spain, South Africa, Israel and some countries of the former Soviet Union.

Every year more and more weight gain in the world especially India and China, in recent decades show impressive growth. Most African countries, many Asian countries are weak and need help developed countries to enhance economic development.