What is the name science that studies the processes of formation and composition of the population, and especially its location?

  1. Demography
  2. Demolohiya
  3. Democracy
  4. Demagogy
Answer: a

When, according to scientists, the first human ancestors?

  1. About 2 thousand years ago
  2. About 2 million years ago
  3. About 20 thousand years ago
  4. About 20 million years ago
Answer: b

What region of the Earth consider the place of the first people?

  1. Africa
  2. Europe
  3. America
  4. Australia
Answer: a

When, according to scientists, there was a man of modern type?

  1. 400 years ago
  2. 400 thousand years ago
  3. 40 thousand years ago
  4. 4 thousand years ago
Answer: c

How many there are basic (large) races?

  1. 2
  2. 3
  3. 4
Answer: c

To what race belong to Ukrainian and other Slavic?

  1. Mongoloid
  2. European
  3. Negroid
  4. Avstraloyidnoyi
Answer: b

What would prove and proved M.Mykluho-Maklai, who lived in the years 1870-1883 among the Papuans of New Guinea?

  1. A significant difference cultural development of European standards natives units
  2. The inability to mentally Papuans
  3. Equal ability of people of different races in mental development, learning and art
Answer: c

How many people there on the planet?

  1. 20 thousand
  2. Over 2000
  3. Over 200
  4. Over 20
Answer: b

What is the greatest nation on the planet?

  1. Americans
  2. Russians
  3. Chinese
  4. Japanese
Answer: c

How many people inhabit the Earth today?

  1. 2 billion
  2. 4 billion
  3. Over 6.5 billion
  4. More than 10 billion
Answer: c

During that period the Earth's population has doubled in recent years?

  1. Over the last 1 000 years
  2. Over the past 400 years
  3. Over the last 40 years
  4. Over the past 100 years
Answer: c

Whose number of people listed more than 50 million people?

  1. Mexicans
  2. Vietnameses
  3. Pendzhabtsi
  4. Greeks
  5. Tamila
Answer: a, b, c, e

Specify the three largest state by population planet?

  1. China
  2. Indonesia
  3. Brazil
  4. India
  5. U.S.
Answer: a, d, e

Specify the three largest state by area planet?

  1. U.S.
  2. China
  3. Russia
  4. Canada
  5. Brazil
  6. Australia
Answer: b, c, d

Which city is the capital of the state, formed in 2006?

  1. Pristina
  2. Podgorica
  3. Skopje
Answer: b

What state by area and population ranks fifth among the world?

  1. Indonesia
  2. Pakistan
  3. Brazil
Answer: c

Smallest area of the state of the world is

  1. Monaco
  2. Vatican
  3. Liechtenstein
Answer: b

Which of the statements is wrong?

  1. Administratively, Ukraine consists of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea, 24 oblasts and two cities with special status
  2. Ukraine is a federal state
  3. Ukraine borders with seven countries
Answer: b

In which regions of Ukraine are more than 3 million people?

  1. Kharkiv
  2. Donetsk
  3. Lugansk
  4. Lviv
  5. Dnipropetrovsk
  6. Odessa
Answer: b, e

What region of Ukraine is the largest in area?

  1. Donetsk
  2. Dnepropetrovsk
  3. Odessa
  4. Chernihiv
Answer: c

What region of Ukraine is the largest by population?

  1. Odessa
  2. Donetsk
  3. Dnepropetrovsk
  4. Kharkiv
Answer: b

In which of the listed cities of Ukraine are more than 1 million people?

  1. Kharkiv
  2. Odessa
  3. Lviv
  4. Dnepropetrovsk
Answer: a, b, d

Which statement is wrong?

  1. Smallest area among the regions of Ukraine is Chernivtsi region
  2. Ukraine fully satisfies domestic demand for natural gas and oil by domestic production
  3. Ukraine's natural conditions are favorable for agricultural development
  4. The last ten years the population of our country's steadily growing
Answer: b, d

Member of these institutions, which is Ukraine?

  1. UN
  2. NATO
  3. CIS
  4. GUAM
Answer: a, c, d