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General Geography Grade 6

Dear friends!

By geography and maps in people has always been a natural attraction because it helps them figure out its place in space. Studying in 6 class course "General Geography", you will learn about travelers and their travel and discovery, provided that the geographical knowledge of the earth. You will learn to understand the "language" of the plan terrain and geographical maps that reflect the Earth's surface. you will discover for a shell-areas of the planet (lithosphere, hydrosphere, atmosphere, biosphere), which together form a particular geographical envelope of the Earth. you familiar with the location and cultural characteristics of peoples and nations. Finally, you will understand that impact the nature of the world has humanity its business activities.

carefully read each paragraph. If it meets the geographical name object, be sure to find it on the map accompanying text. Please attention to questions and tasks for the map. They will help you understand spatial features, repeat and remember learned.

The study of geography gives a person a holistic view of their native land, their country, the Earth. Geographical knowledge acquired in school, in the future will help you understand current events and deliberately use a variety of cartographic information.