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§ 59. Hospodarskadiyalnist people (textbook)

§ 59. Economic activities of people


Do you know how industries are called, producing machines, clothing, food?


What is the economic activity. Modern man surrounded by a variety of benefits - things, objects, instruments and devices, without which it is not my life. All good - and the material and spiritual - created it as a result of economic activity. Commercial activity - a collection of all kinds of people. Modern Industry consists of interrelated industries. It covers such major industries as industry, agriculture, transportation, construction, education, science, culture and sports, health, trade. Large area divided into smaller.

Industry - A set of enterprises (mines, factories, refineries, industrial complexes), where extract minerals and produce various products (machines, machines, furniture, clothing, food, etc.). In developed countries Industry plays a leading role in the economy. Development depends on it other industries.

Agriculture Industry occupies a special place in the economy because provide people with food products. It also provides for individual industries raw materials (linen, cotton, animal skins).  Agriculture has two main directions - Crop and livestock. Crop cultivation covers various crops. Livestock - the industry that deals breeding of various animals. Rural Development economy determine the environmental conditions.


Fig. Agricultural land


Transport enables communication between different sectors of industry and agriculture economy, the exchange of products within the state and between states, provides transport passengers and cargo. There are basic types of transport: rail, air, water (river, sea) pipeline. The cities have their own means of transport: metro, trolley, tram, city bus.

The development of any country depends on the level Development Education, Science, Culture і Health’я. Education provides training, during which the transferred knowledge and skills. Science produces and uses knowledge about the world. Culture - Spiritual creative people, covering material and spiritual values and expressed especially in art. HealthcareI provides health care of people.

This branch of industry as trade evolved from ancient times when people at the markets exchanged artisan goods and agricultural products.

Fig. Agriculture


Fig. Types of transport


Change Nature. Nature of the Earth is undergoing significant influence of industry, agriculture management, construction, transport and other sectors of the economy. Birth nature and man are endowed with reason, not only adapted to the environment environment, but also to actively change it. Already the ancient inhabitants of the great powers radically transformed the valley of the Nile, Tigris, Euphrates, Indus.

In Twentieth century. lJudah became scientists equate the largest geological forces, and its economic activity - to the processes more powerful than natural. Such processes are mostly negative. A force of human impact on all components of nature. Polluted air, water, soil, vynyschuyutsya plants and animals. The negative impact of economic activities was visible in all natural complexes. Since long cut down forests, rozoryuvala land connecting river channels. Cities were built, paved ways. Now holes and underground cavities in the lithosphere-size exceeded natural. Pressure is building on the surface of the landslides on the slopes and landslides. Natural flora and fauna much exterminated. All these bad influences on the same person. Examples could be cited much.

 Thus, human economic activity has the main reason for changes to all without exception natural ingredients and natural complexes. On environmental issues at the threshold of the third millennium is exposed everyone, regardless of skin color and the language.


Fig. Bridges of Pittsburgh


FAQ task

1. What industry sector covers?

2. What is called the industry? What industrial companies are in your town or area?

3. What people need to ensure agriculture? What agricultural culture grown in your community?

4. What are the main means of transport? What types of transport you have I use it?

5. Which branch of industry called education? What are the educational institutions in your locality?

6. How does the natural components of human economic activity?

Point examples of negative impact in the locality.