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Agriculture (compendium)

One of the main components of the economy of Ukraine is agriculture . Products area provides domestic needs of the country and exported to international markets. Agriculture is the primary link agroindustrial complex (AIC), along with food and some light industry is its foundation.

components of agriculture is a crop (cereals, industrial, fodder crops, potato growing, gardening, etc.) and livestock (cattle, pigs, sheep, chickens, and other areas)

development of agriculture depends on natural geographic and socio-economic conditions. Generally very favorable agro-climatic and soil conditions are zoned land distribution. Therefore, in Ukraine are three agricultural zones: Polesie, forest-steppe and steppe, and two mountainous regions: the Carpathian and Crimean. In their background, formed azonic peri-urban areas that provide food city and urban community. Socio-economic factors in the development field include the provision of human resources, especially land tenure, agricultural policy of the state.

Maps cultivated land, crops, industrial crops, potatoes and vegetable and melon give an overall picture of the structure and size of acreage and gross yield of major crops.

known that Ukraine is a considerable number of the world's black soil - the most fertile soil, which was one of the main preconditions for the rich agricultural traditions of our people. Up to 70% of the land fund of the arable land (arable land, perennial plantations, pastures, hayfields), however, they are used irrationally. In addition, over 80% of agricultural land is under cultivation, which also negatively affects the soil. Moreover, as the result of inefficient manual labor and most extensive management, where the increase in production was provided mainly by bringing into circulation the new land and increase in livestock, agriculture is a low-productive. It should also consider that the previously rural workers have been suspended from production facilities and land. To solve this problem is called now carried out land reform. In recent years acquired a wide scope payuvannya (transfer to private ownership) of land, establishment of peasant (farmer), bringing the new agricultural techniques and modern technology. All this changed dramatically for the better situation in the industry.